The Best of Vogue Nov ’09

-chunky heels

-socks with heels
-harem pants; scarves on ankles
-chunky heels; everything sparkly
-chunky heels; bright; puff sleeves
-layered necklace; metallic oxfords
-80’s inspired; red lip; sequins
-fur; animal prints
-mix gold and silver
-fringe; animal print; leather
-polka dot tights; scarf on ankle
-leather vest
-sparkle leggings
-sparkles; fingerless gloves

-fur; leather jacket

-layered necklace; over the knee boots

-cinch belt

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 RTW

Alexander McQueen never fails to amaze me. He made such a beautiful aquatic/alien collection. I was blown away. He put fins on high heels; they are made so exquisitely. Theyre art. I would totally wear them! I dont know where, but I would. Chunky heels are really in, and all the models in this show were wearing over the top chunky heels. I love how he took a different approach on the futuristic look. Im sick of designers doing the futuristic thing, Alexander McQueen added a lot of bright colors and unexpected pieces. Models werent walking down the runway, they were creatures.


Remember grunge back when Christina Aguilera had that nasty hair and bad fashion sense? Well this is a more fashion forward way of doing the same thing. It more 2009 than 2003. This outfit was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Fall ’09 RTW Show. (Oh and have you seen his Spring 2010 show?! Its mind blowing!) I love this skort, it makes me feel like a ballerina. I love ripping tights, it helps me get frustration out. I used nail clippers on these. (They already had a run in them to begin with, so they were unwearable). I wouldnt encourage wearing an outfit like this to a Thanksgiving dinner though. Its not very family-friendly.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

tank, ae; blazer, forever 21; skort, forever 21; tights, express;

Sweater Dress

White tights do not make you look shorter, I dont care what
they say! Its just that black tights give the illusion of elongated legs. Its getting quite cold lately so I decided to wear a cute little babydoll sweater dress. Todays outfit was a little more on the elegant side but I switched it up with bright pink heels. Which I obviously didnt wear to school because Id rather not fall flat on my face. That would be all bad! If I had wanted to make it a little more on the crazy side, I wouldve worn turquoise tights and some type of long layered necklace with black heels.

I cant wait til Black Friday. AHHH! 😀

heels, jessica simpson; tights, ?; dress, h&m; necklace, forever 21

Harem Pants

Harem pants are so fab. My mom used to have tons of them in the ’80s, but she had thrown all of them out in the late ’90s 😦 When picking out harem pants, buy ones that arent made out of polyester or any material with spandex they make your legs look like chicken legs. Not good! I picked out a high waisted trouser-like rayon harem pant. These are a clash between menswear pants and harem pants. I love them! I chose to wear a basic outfit and have some killer shoes. Red shoes are a bit risque, but if worn with a simpler outfit; theyre hot!

Urban Outfitters has a lot of good harem pants:

Other Harem Pants:
Spanish Moss (Want 20% off? use the code: “XMAS” at checkout)

Stay away from these!:

harem pants, necklace, t shirt, urban outfitters; shoes, michelle d

Ciao Bella

Since everyone has black ripped tights, I ripped my red ones. Even though high waisted shorts were all the craze last year, i still love them! I mixed in different “styles” of clothing here. Bohemian moccasin shoes, chic high waisted shorts, ripped tights, and a basic t-shirt. I bought this shirt without trying it on, and its pretty formless. So whenever I have a top that doesnt fit well, I pair something high waisted with it.

(P.S. I got a haircut, ya like?)

t shirt, forever 21; shorts, macys; tights, claires; moccasins, ae

The End

Needless to say, its the end of warm days. Dont put your dresses, skirts, and shorts away just yet. Its hard to transition into winter clothing. What I do, is take it slow. I start out by layering my summer clothes with some winter pieces. I take summer dresses and add tights to 1) make them edgier 2) for warmth. Speaking of transitioning into winter, I just bought the cutest pair of harem pants from Urban Outfitters the other day, Ill put pictures up soon!

(P.S. Did you thank a veteran today?)

dress, victorias secret; coat, nordstrom; tights, ? (were my sister’s in the 90’s); earrings, forever 21

Buy the dress here


Oh my goodness, Georgina and Keren make the most beautiful dresses. When I saw this dress from their Fall ’09 RTW collection my jaw literally dropped. Its not a dress, its pure art. I did not even know they could do some of the things they do with fabric! The designs are so exquisite and opulent. I want every piece even though Id have no where to wear it. I doubt Im going to a red carpet event anytime soon. Anyways, the embroidery on each and every piece is breathtaking.

This piece looks like origami. Im at a loss for words here. Its utterly amazing.

As you can see, each and every piece in the Fall ’09 RTW collection is completely fabulous and beautifully executed.

I love Taylor Momsen’s Marchesa gown she wore at the amfAR Gala in New York, its elegant and simple. But, this contradicts what she usually wears. In my opinion, she would have looked even more stunning if she toned down the make up for this particular outfit. Which leads me to another topic, your make up has to be coordinated with your outfit. No, im not saying you should wear bright blue eyeshadow if youre wearing a bright blue shirt. If youre wearing a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans, totally go for a dark eye and nude lip. If youre wearing a high waisted mini and a leather vest with over the knee boots, go for a red lip and cat eye. If youre wearing an elegant, simple dress go for a neutral colored eyeshadow and light pink lip stick. Try to make your whole outfit fluid from head to toe. And that also means, no converse with evening gowns!

10 Must-Haves For This Season

1 Sequin Blazer

The boyfriend blazer was cool, but now you need to spice it up with a lot of sequins! I love flashy stuff, and paired with other simple pieces, you wont look silly.

2 Leather & Studded Vests
Vests are really trendy; add some leather and studs and now were talking! Leather and studs go hand in hand with the whole rocker look thats in this season.

3 Bandage Dress
I love Herve Legers bandage dresses, they are so chic. They really show off your body and accentuate your curves.

4 Long-Sleeve Dress
Long-sleeve dresses are really cute and attract me a lot, for some reason. Wear a black sequins long-sleeve dress with some bright colored tights and wedges and youll look super hot!

5 Wedges
I remember when cork heeled wedges were in back in like 2003. But now its all about plain black wedges. Jeffrey Campbell’s 99 zip wedges are my absolute favorite but theyre really hard to find. Theyre a smart buy though, because these will go with almost anything.

6 Lace-Up Boots
Im really loving lace-up boots lately. Either Doc Martens or any other type of flat lace-up boots look great with a cute little skirt, dress, or even some skinny jeans. They are very versatile and can be worn again and again.

7 Ballerina Dress
Ballerina-style dresses are very flattering. The way they taper out before the hips shows off the slimmest part of your body. Theyre cute, fun, and very 80s.

8 Leather Fingerless Gloves
C’mon, why not? Theyre so hip, Lady Gaga-esq, and make me want to go ride a motorcycle!

9 Leather Jacket
Everyone should already have one, but Im just sayin’. Be careful when picking one out because I bought two that I was not satisfied with until I found a winner. This jacket is perfect.