Doc Martens

Doc Martins are really in this season.

In the past theyve been considered too “goth” or “punk”, but if paired with feminine pieces theyll look great. Here, I wore a floral skirt which is unexpected to wear with a studded denim vest(yes, this is my other studded vest I was talking about), fishnets, and doc martins. But being unexpected is always the way to go. I liked the skirts that have the elastic band on them when they first came out, but I think they might be getting a little over done. Seriously, I think every company ran out of zippers and were like “Hey, lets throw some elastic on there instead!” I do think every girl should own one skirt with the elastic band, though. Anyways, Ive loved cameos since I first saw one when I was 9, no lie, I thought they were so elegant and beautifully made. Lately, Ive been drawn toward mixing different fashion together and create unexpected looks.

Elastic Band Skirts:

tank, hollister; vest, h&m; skirt, forever 21; fishnets, hot topic; cameo, american eagle

Published by

Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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