Oh my goodness, Georgina and Keren make the most beautiful dresses. When I saw this dress from their Fall ’09 RTW collection my jaw literally dropped. Its not a dress, its pure art. I did not even know they could do some of the things they do with fabric! The designs are so exquisite and opulent. I want every piece even though Id have no where to wear it. I doubt Im going to a red carpet event anytime soon. Anyways, the embroidery on each and every piece is breathtaking.

This piece looks like origami. Im at a loss for words here. Its utterly amazing.

As you can see, each and every piece in the Fall ’09 RTW collection is completely fabulous and beautifully executed.

I love Taylor Momsen’s Marchesa gown she wore at the amfAR Gala in New York, its elegant and simple. But, this contradicts what she usually wears. In my opinion, she would have looked even more stunning if she toned down the make up for this particular outfit. Which leads me to another topic, your make up has to be coordinated with your outfit. No, im not saying you should wear bright blue eyeshadow if youre wearing a bright blue shirt. If youre wearing a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans, totally go for a dark eye and nude lip. If youre wearing a high waisted mini and a leather vest with over the knee boots, go for a red lip and cat eye. If youre wearing an elegant, simple dress go for a neutral colored eyeshadow and light pink lip stick. Try to make your whole outfit fluid from head to toe. And that also means, no converse with evening gowns!

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