Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 RTW

Alexander McQueen never fails to amaze me. He made such a beautiful aquatic/alien collection. I was blown away. He put fins on high heels; they are made so exquisitely. Theyre art. I would totally wear them! I dont know where, but I would. Chunky heels are really in, and all the models in this show were wearing over the top chunky heels. I love how he took a different approach on the futuristic look. Im sick of designers doing the futuristic thing, Alexander McQueen added a lot of bright colors and unexpected pieces. Models werent walking down the runway, they were creatures.

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

5 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 RTW

  1. i just wish that there was more diversity in mcqueen's choice of models. an accessory should be something you can change up, not the restrictions of skin color. perhaps an article on this subject might be interesting?

  2. All the clothes and shoes are SUPPOSED to be different,extrodinary and crazy, but the models have to be thin and long-legged to fit into the clothes Alexander Mcqueen makes, obviously, normal people have to be rich to afford his pieces, but have to be blooming tall to fit into them, Which i think is dissapointing…

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