Doc Martens

Doc Martins are really in this season.

In the past theyve been considered too “goth” or “punk”, but if paired with feminine pieces theyll look great. Here, I wore a floral skirt which is unexpected to wear with a studded denim vest(yes, this is my other studded vest I was talking about), fishnets, and doc martins. But being unexpected is always the way to go. I liked the skirts that have the elastic band on them when they first came out, but I think they might be getting a little over done. Seriously, I think every company ran out of zippers and were like “Hey, lets throw some elastic on there instead!” I do think every girl should own one skirt with the elastic band, though. Anyways, Ive loved cameos since I first saw one when I was 9, no lie, I thought they were so elegant and beautifully made. Lately, Ive been drawn toward mixing different fashion together and create unexpected looks.

Elastic Band Skirts:

tank, hollister; vest, h&m; skirt, forever 21; fishnets, hot topic; cameo, american eagle

Studded Vests

Studded vests are pretty hot! I currently have two, but i want moreee (as usual). Here, I paired a loose top and vest with a high waisted mini and tights. I love wearing high waisted minis with loose tops or loose pants with tight shirts. Studded vests are really trendy right now and that ties in with the whole rocker look. Be sure not to get too caught up in the look and lose your femininity. Mix and match.

Studded vests:

studded vest, boutique; tank, hollister; skirt, h&m; tights, express; boots, rampage

Fur Vests

I love faux fur! Faux, because I absolutely love animals and would never harm them for fashion. This fur vest trend is very rock ‘n’ roll, but if done incorrectly it could look Hannah Montana-esq and we definitely dont want that! I refrained from wearing this to school today because its a tad too much for a learning environment. I chose this cropped fur vest because you want an accent of fur in your outfit. Be careful not to over do it. This one has too much fur. This one has too little fur. This one is just right! And since this is an animal print no other item of clothing should be an animal print. We do not need another Paris Hilton incident. I love Paris, but seriously, who in the right mind would walk out their door in that hideous get up? Remember: when dealing with fur, a little goes a long way!

fur vest, h&m; tank, hollister; t-shirt, urban outfitters; leggings, express; boots, antonio melani

Jeffrey Campbell

So, the Alexa Wedge Bootie (left) is totally OCC. Wedges are perfect for winter, but these look oddly familiar to the Acne Atacoma Black Metal shoe.

This shoe was designed after them and named after Alexa Chung because she wore the Acne brand wedges on her TV show (Its On! With Alexa Chung). But, the Jeffrey Campbell ones are being released next month and are only $195 compared to the $599 Acne pair. These shoes are limited edition and theres a waiting list for them, so youll be really lucky if you get your hands on ’em. I want these shoes so bad, like you would never believe! But, I am currently on the waiting list 😦

Cross Body Bags

Im totally loving cross body handbags lately! Theyre really cute and dont over power your outfit too much like hobo bags do. But of course, the bag I fall in love with (pictured here^) is out of stock 😦 boo hoo. I have an exact picture in my head of how its supposed to be: black, leather, thin envelope style, with silver hardware. I seriously have not found anything that comes close, except this one!

This Coach bag is alright, but I never go for “alright”, everything has to be perfect.


So today, I realized I have an obsession with tights. I dont feel that I look good without a dress/skirt/shorts paired with tights. I literally have a drawer full of them. Anyways, I have had this skirt in my closet for months and I havent worn it because I thought it would look better as a dress. So, I paired it with a shiny tube top and a belt to tie it together to give an illusion of a dress.

tube top, h&m; skirt, forever 21; belt, vintage store; tights, express; flats, coach

Romper Room

Rompers are super comfortable and cute. Paired with floral fishnet tights, absolutely fab! Wear a cropped jacket over so that youre not swimming in fabric.

Whoaa.. those tights look familiar eh?
I saw this picture after I had bought the tights (I bought them last year)
I love Taylor Momsen’s look here, even though shes criticized for looking too “goth”. To tone it down, you could add a different color dress.

Hot rompers:

romper, vintage store; jacket, inc; tights, express; boots, h&m;


What is wrong with the world!? Why do we wear mukluks on our feet? Do we want to look like eskimos or cavemen? I dont think so!

Until today, I had to endure this torture only in winter. Now you can wear uggs year ’round. Whooga boots? Really? Who really wants to wear furry boots all year long? I sure dont! Stop this infestation from spreading, please. Dont waste your money on those horrendous ugg boots.