Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010 RTW

This collection is an example of tulle gone wrong. Some pieces are descent, while others are horrid. It is a completely unwearable collection. Rolf said, “With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns.” High fashion should not resemble the lives of everyday people. If it is supposed to symbolize cutting back, shouldnt the dresses be sold cheap as well? I dont know what they were thinking.

Holes in her top? Why?! This is ugly, not haute couture!

Are you going for the Shakespearean look here…?
This a beautiful avante-garde dress. But why the corsages on her feet?

This reminds me of Carol Hannah’s dress from the Project Runway Finale, I wish she won! Not Irena, her collection was very overdone and not unique in the least bit.

Except… I actually like this dress.

This makes her hips look extremely large. But the shoes are to die for! I love the usage of metal zippers.

Pale monotonous colors and ugly fabrics.

I dont understand the ruffles but the harem pants are amazing!

The only difference I see in this and the one above are the colors.

EW. Is she like a wannabe fairy or something?

“Napkins, anyone?”

This dress isnt half bad. I like how this one has some color and its as outrageous as the others.
Is this a 5th graders art project?

Too geometrical.

I dont like how the thin tulle is put over a visibly dark fabric.
*Sigh*… Where do I even begin? People from Renaissance called, they want their outfit back.

This looks like the dress was left in a closet for too long and moths ate it.

Pleated tulle held together by a black ribbon. Lovely. NOT.
This is not flattering whatsoever.
Again with the cutting…ugh.

This wouldve been great if there was no tulle and it was a form fitting LBD.

Love these shoes!
I dont like how theres a cut out in this boot, and the flowers are hideous.

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2 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010 RTW

  1. this is design not junk fashion for cheap fashion eaters, this is art 🙂

    fashion isnt' that thing of fashion bloggers or teenager but something concept for dreaming

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