This belt reminds me of a curtain, I absolutely adore it! Its so unique and unexpected. I wore it with a fun and flirty skirt and tank. And with this beautiful headband adorned with feathers. I like how it seems as if the outfit matches, but when you pay closer attention to it, the colors are like one shade off. This outfit is young and cute with higher fashion elements mixed in.

top, h&m; skirt, nordstrom; loafers, belt, uo; headband, varga

Lime Green Beanie

I love this top! Its like a 90’s beach floral v-neck. It has a big gold zipper on the back. The grey polyester/metallic leggings remind me of 80’s working out clothing. This coat is super cute. They belt cinches the whole thing in to give it a little flare at the ends. I got the necklace on Rodeo Drive at Dior when I was 13. I absolutely love it. The beanie is my favorite part of the outfit. My best friend’s mom made it for me. She has her own little tag and everything!

shirt, leggings, uo; necklace, dior; boots, rampage; coat, miss sixty


I havent done very many outfit posts lately. I got super lazy after school so I wouldnt take pictures. Plus, the weather was sucky so Id have to do my hair and make up again. Anywho, here Im wearing this super cute flare skirt I bought a while ago. Tucked in, is a loose and flowey tank. I wore it with my Treesje bag for an elegant and simple look.I love these heels, theyre patent and have a strip of silver. To top it all off I wore bright red lip gloss since the outfit doesnt have much color.

heels, guess; skirt, f21; tank, express; bag, treesje

Dinosaur T-shirt Giveaway![ENDED]/DIY Metallic Leather Jacket

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Brand: Anchor Blue
Size: M
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DIY Metallic Leather Jacket
-silver spray paint

1. Cover the bottom and cuffs with tape.
2. Keep can 10 inches away, and spray random spots, it should look patchy.
3. Let dry for 24 hours, then spray with perfume. (It smells like crap.)

wayfarers, ray ban; skirt, pacsun; tights, clairs; shoes, converse; DIY metallic leather jacket

The Golden Age

Im LOVING Urban Outfitter’s new collection of 40’s inspired clothing. I think they’re on to something… 2009 was all about 80’s revival, but lots of designers are showing signs of girly-er/not so edgy or bright clothing. Like in the 40’s. Its all about oxfords, florals, and flowey fabrics. I love the bib styled tops!

My favorite trends:
Victorian-Style Blouse-Would look great with a cameo!
Flashy Jewelry -Stands out in a simple outfit.
Peter Pan Top (Bib-style top)

Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Sissy for passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to me, and I have to say 7 things about me and pass this award to other Beautiful Bloggers.

-I love chocolate and pasta. Those are the two foods I live off of. (Oh and coffee!)
-I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up.
-I absolutely despise lip gloss.
-Id love to see the Farrah Fawcett hair come back. As well as the cropped sweater vest and button down shirts, flare corduroys, and the style of the 70s.
-Im super claustrophobic, I love LA but I cant stay in NYC for too long, the city just suffocates me.
-Im East Indian.
-I love Paris. I went when I was younger, and loved it. Thats why I take French in school.

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Mixing and matching patterns is a big thing this season. It was prevalent in Alexander Mcqueen’s Spring 2010 RTW show as well as Marc by Marc Jacob’s Spring 2010 RTW show. Most of the spring fashion shows had this trend. Its young and fun. By mixing random patterns you can utilize the clothing in your closet in many different ways. There’s really no way to get this trend wrong, unless you make a total fool of yourself on purpose. All it is, is wearing bright patterns.

Neon Leopard Nails

I love leopard nails! Ive seen them with acrylics, but I hate acrylic nails, so I decided to do it on my real nails. I went for a Betsey Johnson-esq feel with the green and pink. You can do tan and brown or any other combination you like.

What you’ll need:

-2 different neon nail polishes
-black nail polish (a black nail art pen would be even better)
-clear nail polish
-buffer/nail file

1. Buff/file/shape your nails.

2. Two coats of the first neon nail polish.

3. Cut one of the q-tip’s heads off to make a slanted pointy shape to draw with. Make black c’s and o’s all over nail. Make them crooked and misshapen.

4. Fill in the circles with the other neon nail polish.

5. Wait til it completely dries to avoid smearing, then add the top coat.

6. Optional: add rhinestones or glitter.

All done!

pink nail polish, very sexy (victoria’s secret) “explosive”; green nail polish, icing “lucky 7”; black nail polish, hot topic; clear top coat, sally hansen