The Fashion of 2010

Sports References- Leave it. Are we reliving the 1970s? Hopefully it wont turn into a Geoffrey Beene fiasco of the late 1960s when he designed that horrid floor length sequins football jersey.

TurquoiseLike it. Ive always loved turquoise. My mom collects jewelry and has a lot of pieces with turquoise stones. It goes with the whole vintage and carefree look.

Patchwork Denim- Love it. You could DIY it inside of buying it if you wanted, but youd have to be super skilled to pull something like that off.

Bauhas- Leave it. AHH, I hate this look! I mean, its okay sometimes but not on the runway. I really dont want a replay of Prada Spring 2000 RTW.

Long Skirts- Like it. Throughout history when times were rough the hemlines lengthened. Recession fashion! Now let me go find my bohemian skirts from 2004…

Sheer Shirts- Like it. Please wear these with a bra.

Whimsical Prints- Love it.Yay! Prints are good.

Lower Heels- Like it. I have low heel Gucci shoes that I finally get to wear! But this totally goes against Alexander McQueens Spring 2010 RTW. Like many other designers, he had a lot of chunky heels, which I prefer. So if this becomes a trend I doubt itll play out til later in the year.

Cat Eye Sunglasses- Like it. 1980s fashion! But make sure theyre sunglasses, not reading glasses, and that theres no rhinestones otherwise youll look like a gaudy grandma.

Clogs- Leave it. Im extremely opposed to clogs. Theyre not the least bit sexy.

Patent and Velvet- Love it. I like patent and velvet is amazing!

Plastic JewelryLike it. This trend has to be done correctly. No plastic dangly earrings! Keep it classy and use sparingly.

Clear Accessories-Like it. Okay, Im all for the clear accessories. But not so much the clear shoes. Its already been done! And its not like that was ages ago, it was in the early 2000’s. Fashion shouldnt repeat itself that quick. The shoe on the left (below) is a more modern clear shoe, but the one at the right is way too similar to shoes that I have seen walking the streets years ago.

Tulle Accents Love it. I have loved tulle for so long! Ever since the last Project Runway where a contestant made that white sci-fi inspired gown, I have wanted a dress with a tulle neck and white silk with silver material sewn on all over, I guess youd kind of have to be in my head to see what I mean. Anyways, tulles on some of the dresses in the Rodarte collection, but I wouldnt go for a full sleeve of tulle. Thats kind of theater-like. Unless you want that whole theater, ballet, and opera look Marc Jacobs was going for in his Spring 2010 RTW collection. But that hasnt grown on me yet.

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