Choosing the Right Foundation


I’m Indian and I have a problem selecting the right shade of foundation for my face. I mean whenever I buy a shade it always gives me that white shadow. I have the same complexion as you do and I was hoping you could recommend the brand and shade you use.

Thank you!”

I use Clinique Superfit Makeup in beige. Clinique is one of the best make up brands out there for sensitive skin like mine. I have oily skin and its oil-free. I apply it with two fingers in a circular motion on my face and neck. I also use Clinique pore minimizer to give an overall flawless look. Then, I use Benefit’s erase paste in shade 2 for any blemishes and underneath my eyes. Lastly, I use Mac’s Studio Fix powder in NC40. Usually, you get the white shadow if the product is too light for your face. Make sure to go to a professional to try on a few different shades to find your perfect match.

Colored Faux Hair

These pictures are from backstage at the Spring 2010 Zac Posen fashion show. Let me think of a word to describe the horror Im experiencing… EW! This looks like hair clip ins from Hot Topic. Cool for tweens, but totally NOT high fashion! Seventeen did a hairstyle in the March 2010 issue like this, but this look sucks.

(My sister goes to the same salon where this hair stylist works, good thing she doesnt get her hair done from him!)

Suede Nail Polish by OPI

I just saw this nail polish on the Tyra Show today. OPI recommends not to use any base coat, top coat, drying drops or hand creams when wearing these nail polishes. Ive heard this nail polish chips very easily because you cant use a base coat or top coat. If you ask me, it just looks like someone accidentally messed up all their nails; not like suede.

Kiss With a Fist

I absolutely despise when the weather is all misty. It messes up my hair! Anywho, today I chose white tights because black tights would make the outfit too black. The leopard shoes were the first ones I looked at and decided it would make the outfit a little more fun. I bought this shirt when I was at NYFA last summer in LA, and my sister bought it the same day in San Diego, and so did my mom! So we all have the same shirt. I love the lace detailing down the middle. Hmm.. I need to go shopping and get over the knee sheer black socks! Ive been seeing them everywhere.

shirt, nordstrom; flats, steve madden; skirt, h&m; jacket, uo

Mr. Blue

I like how this skirt looks sort of like an ombre, even though its just a bunch of layers of blue. I was going for a soft look, but made it edgier with the leather jacket.

top, calvin klein; skirt, h&m; belt, uo; gray boots (not pictured), some store at pacific beach


This outfit is kind of random and out there. People were boggled by my tights and thought I tattooed my legs! I like how this romper isnt short, and the bow comes to the front not the back.
I love feather earrings, and I needed a pop of color in this earthy toned outfit. I usually dont do up-dos but I needed a change.

romper, bcbg; tights, uo; suede boots, rampage

Poofy Shoulders

I love the sweaters and shirts at H&M with the poofy shoulders! Its very ’80s and broadens your frame if youre petite. The harem pants are from there too. I like wearing these super high waisted so theres not too much baggy-ness. I love these kitten heels! Kind of secretary, but worn with the right clothing theyre fashionable. The chunky and kitten heels are very 2010. Im trying out a new hair do, it goes with the whole over the shoulder purse, kitten heels, and massive pearl earrings thing I got goin’ on.

shirt, pants, h&m; heels, antonio melani; purse, nordstrom; earrings, f21

Kardashians for bebe

-Very Kim! She does a lot of the v-neck dresses.
-I have a feeling Ive seen Kim wear a dress just like this but in red on the red carpet.
-My sister bought this one in red!
-Very sexy but elegant as well!

I usually dont shop at bebe, but I love the new Kardashian line. All of the stuff is totally their style, and it reminds me of some of the stuff Ive seen them wear. I LOVE Kim Kardashian, shes one of my favorite people because shes so elegant and such a great role model.