Post! Anyways, I was in my moms closet the other day and I found this awesome cross body bag. Ive been gravitating towards more bohemian things lately, and I got the cutest straw fedora today, Ill put up a picture later. Ive had this dress for a year, and today was the first time I wore it. 

dress, nordstrom; sandals, ae; necklaces, uo and claires


nymag.com fall 2010

   Skinny jeans and pants have always just been an option for me. Ever since the trend started, Ive worn skinnies, straight legs, flares, boot cuts, detroyed, and trousers. I never really omitted the others just because a new trend emerged. And I wont strictly wear just flares now either. What do you guys think?


  Dont you love how I took such a rough rock and roll look and shot pictures in such an elegant room? I mixed laces and prints, but Im still staying true to my overall rock vibe.

skirt, top, sweater, necklace, uo; tights, f21; lace leotard, american apparel; flats, steve madden

Spring has Sprung

(photo cred: my lovely older sister Jasmine)

  Well sort of. Last week was super hot and now its suddenly cold again? I dont get it! Anyways, I like tucking in loose button down tops into high waisted bottoms. To balance out the colorful top, I wore brown sheer tights. And lastly, some nautical looking shoes, except not in the expected navy and white, but black and white.
makeup for this look

top, h&m; necklace, uo; tights, vintage; shoes, coach; tank, old navy

Nikon S8000

    This camera is amazing. 14.2 mega pixels and 10x wide optical zoom. My pictures are way clearer. Anyways, in this outfit, Im wearing a cropped denim top tucked into a loose flowey skirt. The cropped denim top has a little tie that reminds me of 90’s beach get-up. Ive really been in a “spring-y” dressing mood this week because its finally warm.
  Ill be doing more make up and some hair tutorials on YouTube. So look out for those, and email me (theurbanfashiongal@gmail.com) or formspring.me if you have any requests.  

Beetle Juice

     This look was inspired by one of my all time favorite movies: Beetle Juice. I was torn between two black and white striped tops. One was from H&M. It was silk, but had no clock. So I got this one from the Forever 21 Alice in Wonderland collection. This outfit is so fun and different. To set off the grungy look, I did a Barbie make up look. I love these lacey “biker” shorts. I felt they were too boring alone, so I let the lace show a little bit and threw a skirt on top. I ordered a new camera yesterday, no more crappy iPhone pictures! Its a 14.2 megapixel Nikon s8000, Im stoked excited. 

top, pointelle socks, f21; skirt, uo; shorts, h&m; belt, store in pb; oxfords, steve madden; necklace, betsey johnson; lipstick, mac “snob”