Picture Day

I love menswear. Paired with a silk top and some jewelry makes it feminine and chic. And this bag totally goes with the whole professional look I had going on. The top was just that pop of color the outfit needed. And the necklace pulls it all together. And I totally love this pink bracelet I got as a birthday gift from my hairdresser, so cute and matches perfectly. 

top, sanctuary clothing; pants, shoes, uo; necklace, f21; bag, coach

The Prada Cervo And Suede Platform Miu Miu’s

This is what I wore to the first day of school on Tuesday (minus the monstrous heels). Sorry for the lack of posts, junior year is tougher than I imagined. Four AP classes=no life! Anyways, I recently bought the cervo with some birthday money. I love this bag. Its super versatile. Its a deerskin, so it wont scratch. I also bought these suede platforms. Theyre impossible to walk in. I guess I just need practice! But I love how Miu Miu heels arent curved; its a great look. And I adore how long they make my legs look. As Ive said before, I absolutely love bows. And this bow tie with the lacey top is extremely chic. And Im mixing neutrals again. I also love this nail polish from UO (Purple #1) it has such a romantic color that goes with the bow tie and lace super well.

bag, prada; heels, miu miu; shorts, h&m; bow tie, top, nail polish, uo; 

Roberto Cavalli Fall Campaign


To celebrate it’s 40th anniversary, Roberto Cavalli went all out for their fall campaign using Giselle as their model. I love the concept, and the shots are fabulous. But what I do not understand is the mixing of animal prints. It seems tacky to me. Like she’s on her way to get her acrylics done, after she drops her “pooch” off at the spa. The other pieces though, are breathtaking and styled wonderfully. I love that they added wind to really show off the beautifully, flow-y fabrics. The messenger bags add a great touch. I really like how they have a fur lining. And the booties in the first photo….um HELLOO sexy!

Lacoste Polo for Sale!

Sea Inspired

Lately Ive been seeing a ton of sea-inspired pieces. Badgley Mischka, Betsey Johnson, Miss Trish for Target, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch have hopped onto this bandwagon. I absolutely adore this new trend. Badgly Mischka calls it their “Diamond Reef Collection”, doesnt that sound ohh so glamorous? I am absolutely dying for that Badgley Mischka necklace!

To Buy, or Not to Buy?

At a glance, can you tell these two necklaces have a whopping $242.20 price difference? Upon close inspection, it is obvious that the first is a better quality necklace thus, more expensive. But if I had to choose between the two, I would most definitely choose the cheaper one because, who would know except you?

teddy bear #1, dior; teddy bear #2, forever 21


When I saw this Betsey Johnson snake ring the other day, I fell in love. Its black, pink, and covered in rhinestones; so Betsey. I usually never buy Betsey Johnson things full price, but this I could not resist. This outfit is pretty simple overall. Ive been seeing a lot of lace coverups lately. I love the metallic stitching through this skirt. It makes it look super Indian. Dont you love my wanna be Toms? I like these better though since they have the hemp border at the bottom. And I cant believe I found this gorgeous necklace at Forever 21. 

top, necklace, forever 21; skirt, coverup, shoes, uo; bag, coach; ring, betsey johnson

Sweet 16

As you can see, my theme was Candyland. I dressed up like a princess in this Indian attire. Wow, it feels so weird to be 16.
I got some awesome gifts but the deal with my dad is that I cant get a car til I get my license.
10 days!
More pictures to come. Professional and otherwise. 


(photo cred: my sister)

I love bows right now. The bow headband (like we all had when we were babies..) is totally in right now. So are bow ties. This outfit would look great with a bow tie, but itd have to be the bow tie or the headband. Dont go into bow overkill! I love this chiffon button down. Its better to get them looser, and if youre super daring just wear a bandeau under. I, however, am not so daring so I chose to wear a gold metallic bandeau style tube top. Its cool how it shines through. Espadrille wedges are very trendy right now. Paired with the little girl chiffon socks; they are a fab combo! I really dont like the Steve Madden espadrilles with the ruffles or the sling back ones. Keep it simple. Lastly, I added some color to the outfit with the mixed bracelets.

shirt, tube top, headband, heels, bracelets, h&m; shorts, express; socks, american apparel