Roberto Cavalli Fall Campaign


To celebrate it’s 40th anniversary, Roberto Cavalli went all out for their fall campaign using Giselle as their model. I love the concept, and the shots are fabulous. But what I do not understand is the mixing of animal prints. It seems tacky to me. Like she’s on her way to get her acrylics done, after she drops her “pooch” off at the spa. The other pieces though, are breathtaking and styled wonderfully. I love that they added wind to really show off the beautifully, flow-y fabrics. The messenger bags add a great touch. I really like how they have a fur lining. And the booties in the first photo….um HELLOO sexy!

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

6 thoughts on “Roberto Cavalli Fall Campaign

  1. <3 Robert Cavalli. I love his fantastic prints and color combinations that he uses in his clothes. So I do love his combination of animal prints (not for real life; only for editorials). And honestly, I think Gisele looks fantastic in anything (lucky). What I'm confused about, though, is the usage of fire in the background. But I guess Gisele really is just that hot ;)


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