We Share the Same Soul

Like Ive said before, I love ponchos. I like how this ones dual toned. This dress reminds me of the satin Free People one from a few posts ago; I love the extra bottom detail on both. I dont condone wearing leather belts to break apart the body but this dress goes in at the waist and wrap belts are exemplified from that rule. I layer tights with socks and I chose these white ribbed tights, the detailing gives them a little differentiation from the socks and extra warmth since theyre thicker. I chose navy socks instead of the go-to black. I really like navy but I dont wear it as much as I should since my school colors were navy and white from 1st-8th, so Im sort of sick of it but it complements the dress’s dirty sky blue color. And again, the chocolate brown combat boots.

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Happy First Birthday TUFG!

Today is my blog’s first birthday, yay! Hence, the random outburst in the last photo. I cant believe its been a year; I dont really remember life without blogging. Its become natural. 
This is skirt number 3, I love the sari print but silk is not a fun fabric to sew. I had to use a Viking because my Kenmore was ripping the fabric. It also slides around everywhere and the hem doesnt lay flat. But I do love the skirt. I added this sari-print necklace with aqua blue accents to play off the color in the skirt. 
I paired it with a velvet blazer I bought a couple of years ago and never wore, but velvet is pretty in right now, like I said a couple of posts ago.
I literally cant get out of these combat boots and chunky knit socks, definitely an addiction this season.

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I Made a Resolution

Today, I wore a utilitarian button down shirt, a chunky knit sweater, camel colored corduroys, and chocolate military boots. I love neutrals. One of my best friends brought this bracelet back from Palestine, I love it. I really want a gold one though. This lipstick is my new favorite; Ive seen this ruby color in a ton of fall editorials. 

top, sweater, uo; corduroys, f21; boots, steve madden; necklace, nordstrom; lipstick, clinique “a different grape”

Grandpa is the New Black

I was going through my dad’s closet the other day and I found this awesome, old Scandinavian print sweater. This print is definitely in right now, very Ralph Lauren/Dolce & Gabbana. These high waisted brown trousers go perfectly with my overall theme, as well as the tan skippers. 

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Knits & Velvet



Ive been loving knit skirts and shorts a lot lately. Chunky knits are a key fall/winter wardrobe staple; wear it in unexpected places.
Ive also been loving velvet. I think Im going to make a velvet skirt tomorrow.
I went on a little shopping spree yesterday with my first real paycheck.
Felt fantastic. 

Grease Goes to War

I made this skirt on Monday. I went for a 50’s silhouette in a military style fabric with a crochet trim. The heavy trim gives the bottom of the skirt a wavy, bell shaped bottom. I paired it with some cream colored thigh highs, chocolate combat boots, lace striped top, and this awesome purse necklace. 
This is the second of many MaliKahlon creations!

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Insert Title Here

When I first started my blog nearly a year ago, my first post was about over the knee boots. I love how theyre still in style. I went about this trend with a different approach. I didnt get the expected black over the knee boots because: 1. Theyre expected. And 2. Theyre in bad taste, if you ask me. I chose this “dirty” taupe because they can go with more floral/bohemian pieces rather than edgy. 
I love these Chloe one sided overalls. I like how theyre a minimalistic color. I paired them with a prairie-ish mauve button down.
I sort of copied Jessica Szohr’s hair from last week’s episode of Gossip Girl

overalls, chloe; top, uo; boots, sam edelman


Im liking navajo a lot right now. Ive always loved that Georgia O’Keefe New Mexico Arizona vibe. I made this skirt last week. Its the first Ive ever made. It took me about 3 hours. Im going to start a next skirt tomorrow. Oh how I love sewing. 

Please Don’t Go

Ive been completely obsessed with anoraks and parkas lately. Hobo chic is definitely in this fall. I paired this heavy bottomed dress with a lace top underneath to make it appropriate for daytime. I love the ruffles on this dress, it’s a sort of a frontier/prairie modern piece. I did a sort of mixing prints/textures by pairing a satin floral dress with a lace floral top. Chunky knits are definitely a big trend too. I chose grey over the knee chunky knit socks and scrunched them down and threw on these cognac combat boots. I love the “Harllem” Steve Madden boot, but its been sold out everywhere the past couple of weeks so I settled for the “Troopa” which isn’t too different in my opinion. I threw on a bird ring and bow tie to spice it up.
Funny how I wore this outfit in 94 degree weather today.
Where’s fall?

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I love extreme cat eye sunglasses. I dont think itll be a lasting trend so I didnt bother getting the A.Wang ones. These ones barely fit my face, wont be wearing ’em again. Anyways, Ive been in love with the A.McQ skull scarves but never got around to buying one. I got this one from a boutique on Melrose Ave. Rosaries are edgy, I got a cream colored one instead of the expected black. This chiffon dress resembles a vintage slip, very Taylor Momsen.

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