My car registered 26 degrees this morning. Its not supposed to be this cold in Northern California! Oh global warming, how I hate you.
Anywhozille, this dress is perfect for fall. Why, you ask? The fall/winter months are oh so dreary and this dress is a dark floral; therefore, it will brighten up your day! It has gold stitching through it, so its in that Christmas/holiday family.

I paired it with this checkered blazer. I like how it has a little frill section at the bottom. My mom had a blazer just like this in the 90s. Oh, by the way, 90s revival apparently? I find it odd…because I was born in the 90s and now I feel old. 

These tights are from Gap, and if youre over 5’6 dont buy these! Apparently, they think their clientele isnt tall. Same with Forever 21 tights. Urban Outfitters FTW! These socks are also from Gap and I like how they have a little yarn detailing at the top. Its unexpected and it pops. It also matches the dark blue in the dress.

This scarf is also in the holiday spirit because it has small little pieces of gold “foil” all over it. 
Black Friday was intense! I fell in love with a billion things at Urban, of course. Oh and the line at hour long! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that majorly attractive photo of me in line at Gap. 
Only 3 more weeks ’til winter break, yay!
Oh and frost lipsticks are awesome! Very Christmas/winter appropriate. 

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Turkey Day

Today was fantastic. My mom makes insanely amazing pumpkin pie. The knit maxi skirt reappears, I need more of these. I wore a body con dress underneath as well as leggings since the skirt is a tad see through. Paired it with peep toe wedges I stole from my sister. I love these, but the fact that they have little holes in them to create a mesh effect makes them look sort of sports wear-ish which is odd. I love my new shearling jacket, it looks like real leather but its not. The rich chocolate color is perfect. Steer away from shearling jackets that look “blanket-y”. These earrings are my moms. Ive been noticing a lot more Indian jewelry incorporated into American outfits, so I decided to give it a shot. Im kind of loving it. This hairstyle is a mesh between an up do I saw on Miley Cyrus and another I saw on Demi Lovato. Who’s ready to shop tomorrow? First stop: Urban Outfitters! Itll be my first time being an early bird. I cant wait.

body con dress, f21; skirt, asos; leggings, jacket, urban; wedges, jeffrey campbell 

Little Red

Today, I decided to dress sort of like a mesh between little red riding hood and Hermione. I adore capes, theyre so fab. I also love this vintage button down, the way its cut is unique. I added a lace cami underneath so it isnt revealing. For some contrast, I added light wash jeans and my brown boots instead of black to make it more fall appropriate and less goth. Today is a fantastic day to watch a Potter film. 

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So my sister told me what this type of blouse is called. A pussy-bow. Yeah, I wish I was lying. Ive seen many designers such as Alexander McQueen have variations of this top and I absolutely love it. I paired it with these taupe shorts and an elastic and leather belt. I added grey shimmery tights to throw in some Christmas edge to an overall fall outfit. Lastly, cream socks and my trusty oxfords. 

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Chocolate Syrup

I really like this fair isle sweater. Its really big and comfy. Ive been dressing way more relaxed lately. And in my opinion, toning down my insanity, ensemble wise. I paired the sweater with these light blue skinny corduroys. Staying in the same earthy, fall palette I added this semi sheer racerback forest green tank. The navajo belt has the same blue color as well. Light brown belt with chocolate brown shoes; they dont have to match, its actually better if they dont. I love this new lipstick I got from Mac. I layered lipgloss over it; it looks like chocolate syrup. 

tank, pants, belt, uo; sweater, vintage; boots, steve madden; necklace, nordstrom

Fall Formal

The fall formal was last night. The theme was “A Knight for his Princess”. I decided to not go with the theme 100%. I chose this black, tattered silk Elizabeth and James number and paired it with nude heels. I went girly with the accessories and wore my mom’s diamonds. I did my own hair because whenever I get my hair styled by a professional, they mess it up. Im so in love with eggplant and violet colors. Mac’s “Cyber” is definitely my favorite lip color right now. They were all out of that color so I bought a look a like from Revlon. I had a pretty bomb corsage. 
It was a fantastic night.

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Fur Collar

I have a sort of–infatuation with fur. I looked for a fur scarf a couple of weeks ago and “settled” for this collar. I like it so much better, its unique. I made this dress yesterday from a Cynthia Rowley pattern. Im not too fond of it because I dont really like how cheap the fabric feels. To break it apart and make it less paper-sack like, I added this gold bead belt. Who says you cant do florals in fall? Pair them with socks and combat boots. I played off the blue in the tights and threw on this ombre blue sweater. I bought a tripod today so my photos will be more visually interesting from now on. 
Its finally that time of year again. 

fur collar, f21; tights, sweater, belt, uo; socks, nordstrom; boots, steve madden

Nomadic Hunter

I made this skirt yesterday with absolutely no help and let me tell you, invisible zippers are not your friend. I had to sew it in and take it out about 6 times. Anyways, I modeled it after Free People’s skirts and dresses with the layered, unfinished detailing at the bottom. 
I paired it with this belt from Nepal, I love how its multicolored and has little silver dangling coins. 
This sweater is made out of “mohair” which I was unfamiliar with when I bought it, and Im apparently extremely allergic to it. But I adore the little pom poms on it. 
I added floral socks and my go to combat boots. Lately, long skirts and boots have been my uniform.

top, sweater, socks, backpack, uo; boots, steve madden

Fur Backpack

I talked about wearing trends in unexpected places on my former Claire’s blog. I like how theres fur on this backpack. Also, shearling in boots, not only jackets. Be unexpected. 
I really like corduroy right now too. I paired these overalls with my favorite boots and tights and socks routine.
I also wore this cream colored top with some floral detailing at the neck. 
The amount my style has changed the past year is insane. I owe it all to the blogging world, I get so many good ideas because of you guys!

top, overalls, backpack, uo; tights, socks, nordstrom; boots, steve madden