My car registered 26 degrees this morning. Its not supposed to be this cold in Northern California! Oh global warming, how I hate you.
Anywhozille, this dress is perfect for fall. Why, you ask? The fall/winter months are oh so dreary and this dress is a dark floral; therefore, it will brighten up your day! It has gold stitching through it, so its in that Christmas/holiday family.

I paired it with this checkered blazer. I like how it has a little frill section at the bottom. My mom had a blazer just like this in the 90s. Oh, by the way, 90s revival apparently? I find it odd…because I was born in the 90s and now I feel old. 

These tights are from Gap, and if youre over 5’6 dont buy these! Apparently, they think their clientele isnt tall. Same with Forever 21 tights. Urban Outfitters FTW! These socks are also from Gap and I like how they have a little yarn detailing at the top. Its unexpected and it pops. It also matches the dark blue in the dress.

This scarf is also in the holiday spirit because it has small little pieces of gold “foil” all over it. 
Black Friday was intense! I fell in love with a billion things at Urban, of course. Oh and the line at hour long! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that majorly attractive photo of me in line at Gap. 
Only 3 more weeks ’til winter break, yay!
Oh and frost lipsticks are awesome! Very Christmas/winter appropriate. 

dress, french connection; blazer, uo; tights, socks, scarf, gap

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