In the Pursuit

Today, I tried something a little different with the straight hair and I absolutely hate it. I was told I look extremely old and I try to avoid that. Anywho, I love this wool skirt, totally on trend and comfortable. Even though I was told I look like a teacher…and later I was told I look “classy” by my assistant principle. I paired it with this paisley button down, gold rope headband, navy socks, leggings, and taupe oxfords. Relatively simple.

top, jcrew; skirt, asos; headband, nordstrom; 

Don’t Be a Halloweanie

I love Halloween. I had a few different ideas on what to dress up as, but this was a last minute choice. I had the cat ears and tail from dressing up on spirit days at school. I recently bought this velvet jumpsuit. Ive had this white dress since I was about 9. My mom wanted me to do pageants but I was never into them; thus, this dress hanging in my closet for 7 years. Funny thing is, it still fits me besides the fact that it hits my calf instead of my ankles. I was going to do crazy make up and put leaves in my hair to be a zombie bride, but that was a tad much for a small party.