Dorchester Hotel

This month has gone by so incredibly fast, its insane.

  I wore this outfit to a dinner party on Saturday. My sister bought me this dress from a boutique in SoHo. I love this coat so much. 
I love how there were multiple fabrics used in the making of this dress. The rope detailing as well as the velvet is magnificent. The turquoise silk is gorgeous. 
I stole this diamond and some kind of turquoise stone (I dont know much about jewelry!) necklace from my mom. Its an Indian piece, Ive been drawn towards wearing Indian jewelry with everything lately. 

 I like how this dress has a detachable long sleeve bolero type thing with it.
 These Nina heels go perfectly with the dress.
 I got this clutch as a gift, its from a boutique in town. 
The ring is from a boutique on Haight-Ashbury, I love the opalescence. 

*If youre wondering about the significance of the title, there is none. It was just the current song I was listening to while writing this post. Yay for originality and innovation!


This is my new fave piece of jewelry my sister brought back from New York. She bought it at a little boutique in SoHo. Its very Indian, I feel like its from a Free People photo shoot. Too bad one of the turquoise stones on the left fell out. 

Im so relieved its Christmas break. 

Christmas Lights

J’aime le…fur jacket. Haha, two years of Francais and thats the best I can do!
This jacket was featured in the UO December catalogue.
Its so soft, and faux. Win-win situation!

I bought this knit scarf last winter but never wore it since it wasnt really in style back then.

Socks and tights!
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I love this bodycon dress I stole from my sister. Oh and the boots are hers as well. Mwahaha. 
Shes in New York right now with my mom and Im so jealous. 
Wearing a parka accompanied by the accessories I chose, dressed the dress (weird) down for day time. The fur inside this parka’s hood is so sofffft! 

I like these faire isle tights way better than the ones from Forever 21 I have since those are meant for girls with way shorter legs than mine. This headband looks like a little baby’s. It kind of reminds me of what Ivy wore on Monday’s episode of 90210. All types of thick headbands are definitely in right now.
Mmmm, crushed velvet is fantastic!

Wooo Christmas! Pair this dress with solid black tights, heels, a clutch, and some killer earrings and you got yourself a night time ensemble!

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When looking at this top, the word “delicate” comes to mind. Im so obsessed with tops, dresses, skirts, and blazers that have that “frill” at the bottom. 

This top is like a mini slip. I layered it over a lace tank and shorts.

I love oversized blazers. Especially when worn with shorts/skirts/dresses.

I looove this fur collar.
Especially because I have an awful, relentless cold accompanied by a cough. Boo hoo.

tank, nordstrom; top, uo; shorts, cheap monday; socks, tights, gap; boots, mia; collar, f21

Sparkle and Shine

Its all about sparkles this time of year! Sparkly lips, sparkly hair extensions, sparkly eyes…and the list goes on.

This look was inspired by this photo from Seventeen magazine. There are tons of ways to incorporate sparkles into your make up. The Sephora catalogue above has a few inspiring photos. 

For this look, I kept the eyes relatively simple to attract attention to the rhinestones. I tried to find larger rhinestones but I settled for these bindis. Since theyre meant for the face, theyre pretty small. I put a little dot of lash glue on the back and stuck ’em on.

I kept my lips dark because Im still in “fall mode”. You can also do this look with a frost lipstick which will be more proper for Christmas time. Use one with gold undertones if you have a tan skin tone. If youre more pale, you can use one with silver or gold. 


For some reason, this outfit makes me think, “yankee”. Probably because of the menswear vest and patriotic colors.
But technically, the pants are tomato colored, not red.
I like how some tops and blazers have a little frill at the bottom, so I made a make-shift frill by wearing this vest over a loose fitting shirt.

This coat sort of resembles my Betsey Johnson one. Except this one isnt as warm and has a 3/4 sleeve.

Yeaaaah…dont you randomly pick up candles and pose with them?

I added an element of surprise with these Betsey Johnson graphic socks.
These shoes are adorable, but completely unwearable. For some reason, my feet slide to the front so my toes are squished and my heel slides out. I expected better from you DV!

I tried to copy Taylor Momsen’s eye make up from last night’s Gossip Girl. I did a dark grey, black, and purple smokey eye. The lips are nude, but I dusted over some “gold mode” pigment from MAC.

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