Dorchester Hotel

This month has gone by so incredibly fast, its insane.

  I wore this outfit to a dinner party on Saturday. My sister bought me this dress from a boutique in SoHo. I love this coat so much. 
I love how there were multiple fabrics used in the making of this dress. The rope detailing as well as the velvet is magnificent. The turquoise silk is gorgeous. 
I stole this diamond and some kind of turquoise stone (I dont know much about jewelry!) necklace from my mom. Its an Indian piece, Ive been drawn towards wearing Indian jewelry with everything lately. 

 I like how this dress has a detachable long sleeve bolero type thing with it.
 These Nina heels go perfectly with the dress.
 I got this clutch as a gift, its from a boutique in town. 
The ring is from a boutique on Haight-Ashbury, I love the opalescence. 

*If youre wondering about the significance of the title, there is none. It was just the current song I was listening to while writing this post. Yay for originality and innovation!

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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