The title is referring to the horse jockey, not the underwear brand. Just sayin’. But yes, I feel like a jockey in this outfit. I feel like its very J.Crew, especially with the faux bob, which is my new fave hair style.
This dog sweater vest is from 3 years ago, I love it, especially with the shirt buttoned up to the top.

This brown bomber is also from around the same time I bought the sweater vest.
“It looks like a flower is growing out of your head.” Love the brass headband, goes so well with my hair color.

I like these skinnies, theyre cropped and they arent quite a denim. Skinny belt, has a cool python print, stray away from matching all your neutrals; have variety.

Faire Isle socks one of my best friends bought for me for Christmas. 
I bought new combat boots and they came in the mail yesterday, too bad theyre beyond huge. I usually always get my size right but I looked at the reviews and changed my mind. Boohoo.

shirt, pants, uo; bomber, sweater vest, ae; socks, gift; headband, claire’s; boots, steve madden

I am Mickey, hear me roar!

Vintage-esq top, I cannot put into words how much I adore it. Plus, it has a patriotic theme. 
Super awesome slit going down the side of this satin maxi.
Look forward to satin dominating your wardrobe this spring!
Wearing iridescent, sparkly gray tights underneath, be unexpected.

Like the game of cat and mouse…except, fierce cheetah against cartoon mouse…it isn’t the same.

I find this photo quite gnarly-chic…well, je ne sais quoi!

Snazzy snake skin (alliteration!) booties. Cheetah…snake…mouse. This is a food chain in the form of an outfit. Sweet. 

Play it down, play it up, maxis can be worn day or night.
top, skirt, uo; tights, ae

50’s Baby

Unnecessarily sad facial expression…Anywho, clearly a pastel and metallic combination for this ensemble.

Holiday-ish metallic sweater; cream/gold/frost nail polish. Love love love.

I adore this skirt, the calf length is so 50s. Pearl earrings to go with the whole sweet thing.

To play down the 50s theme, I paired the skirt with a peep toe instead of a kitten heel.

Baby bow!

skirt, sweater, uo; tights, gap; heels, f21; headband, h&m

The Greatest Lie

Turband craze. I personally think they’re awesome, but the fact that I’m Indian clashes with the exoticness they’re supposed to evoke. 

I got this Alexander McQueen scarf from my sister for Christmas. I had been lusting after it for a while.

Im so in love with this hamsa necklace my best friend had custom made for me. It reminds me of a rosary with the black beading. 
Not too much to say about this simple outfit with a rocker edge. 

top, uo; scarf, a.mcq; jeans, citizens; tuband, asos; boots, steve madden

"No amount of vintage dresses could give you dignity"

 I’m really into layering. I love throwing on loose-fitting pieces that flow together. Here, I’m wearing my new avant-garde-esque BCBG sweater.

I also just bought this fab purple/magenta dress. The fabric covered buttons and lanky feel give it a vintage vibe.

Army green thigh highs and the infamous combat boot.

 I’m wearing a hook-closure, black faux fur collar.

I threw on this geode Buddha necklace and this hamsa and evil eye necklace my best friend had custom made for me for Christmas.

 sweater, bcbg; dress, uo; thigh highs, express; collar, asos; boots, steve madden

Dip Dyed

Ive seen this trend a lot lately. It originated in Australia, I love how it looks on Abbey Lee. I bet some hair dressers had mini heart attacks when they saw this regrowth-on-purpose look. Personally, I think it’s sort of rebel-chic.
Top Shop is currently flooded with models sporting this ‘do for the spring collection.

I wish I could rock this look, but my hair is just too dark and Id have to lighten (and damage) it a lot to achieve it. If I could, I’d do a light aquamarine color. 
Would you try this trend out?


I wore this outfit to our New Years lunch/dinner party. I bought this dress in Haight-Ashbury. I love how the sleeves are bell shaped and connected to the dress. Im not sure what I would call this, a sort of hybrid bat wing perhaps.

The diamond detailing and turtle neck add to the uniqueness.

One problem with the dress is its length. It’s way too short, especially for a girl as tall as me and when you lift your arms…uh-oh.

 I paired it with a simple, suede kitten heel to keep the attention on the dress. The bug ring is also from Haight-Ashbury.