The title is referring to the horse jockey, not the underwear brand. Just sayin’. But yes, I feel like a jockey in this outfit. I feel like its very J.Crew, especially with the faux bob, which is my new fave hair style.
This dog sweater vest is from 3 years ago, I love it, especially with the shirt buttoned up to the top.

This brown bomber is also from around the same time I bought the sweater vest.
“It looks like a flower is growing out of your head.” Love the brass headband, goes so well with my hair color.

I like these skinnies, theyre cropped and they arent quite a denim. Skinny belt, has a cool python print, stray away from matching all your neutrals; have variety.

Faire Isle socks one of my best friends bought for me for Christmas. 
I bought new combat boots and they came in the mail yesterday, too bad theyre beyond huge. I usually always get my size right but I looked at the reviews and changed my mind. Boohoo.

shirt, pants, uo; bomber, sweater vest, ae; socks, gift; headband, claire’s; boots, steve madden

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Sonum Kahlon

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