High Horse

I had a lot of fun with layering here. When the seasons are in transition, I love to layer so that if it gets warmer I can take off a layer or two, or vice versa.
I love this jewel tone, sequins peacock headband. Ive been obsessed with hair accessories lately. I really want an Alice in Wonderland-esq hat hair clip.

I wore a dark blue sequins tank top to work in the blue and break up the neutrals in the outfit.

This belt is fun, I love little details like studs, rhinestones, or sequins incorporated into a bohemian/hippie outfit, its in such good taste.

The red lipstick adds a pop of color. The pearl collar adds some girly flair; makes me feel like spring is near! 

I think of a planetarium when I look at my nails. I used a plum base instead of black and an iridescent green glitter coat over. I really want a “galaxy” shirt. Very Tavi (Style Rookie). 

top, pacsun; tank, bebe; skirt, uo; tights, gap; shoes, boutique 9; sweater, bcbg; lipstick, mac “russian red”; nail polishes, revlon and uo

Material Girl

I was skeptical about the Material Girl brand when it first came out, I didnt think Id be such great quality but there’s actually a few good pieces! 

 I dyed my hair back, yayay! Finally, right? Never going to dye it again!

Ive been mixing a ton of different bright colors lately, Im so ready for spring! I just love these socks, theyre so fun. The moccasins are in the spirit of spring. Im still layering because the weather here has been so awkward, it has been raining while the suns out. 
The tattered sweater is so me, and it’s more fun to layer it over a dress rather than a white or nude tank. 

I havent been keeping up with fashion week at all, or blogging much either, but that’ll change soon!

Oh and it’s my sister’s birthday today, Happy Birthday sissy!
dress, sweater, material girl; tights, gap; socks, betsey johnson; moccasins, ae

With Buddha on my Neckalace-ace-ace

Astronaut! Doctor! Zoologist! What do I smell?
Career day!
Of course, I chose to dress up as a rockstar, Im such a child at heart<3

This shirt is from some random store in LA. It says “blase” on it, meaning something along the lines of you have everything yet you still aren’t happy. Quite depressing, yes.
My hair is insane! I tried to copy Ke$ha’s “garbage chic” style in picking this hair do and, well, the whole outfit.

I untied my Doc’s to be a tad unkempt and didn’t iron my shirt, naughty naughty, I know.

The sequins shorts are a tad unexpected but cool of course. 

Silver bracelets and bronze ring; dress up rocker looks with accessories.
Dark lipstick, glittery eyes, and if you look closely, I painted on tiny stars by my left eye in the spirit of Kat Von D.
Today was a fun dress up day!
I’m so happy to announce that I’m a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger! Check me out here.
leggings, h&m; boots, doc marten; coat, silence & noise

I made this banner in Photoshop. I don’t know what Im going to do with it yet, but isn’t it snazzy? 

The title’s alluding to my fashion inspiration for this outfit, the one, the only Ke$ha. 

Green Screen Test Shoot

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably come across some Photoshoped pictures I have created. Recently, my graphic design class had a green screen photo shoot and we were given the artistic license to do basically whatever we please. I came up with this little number with me on a horse in Times Square with a sword in my hand. Im still working on my editing, this was just a quick sample. Any idea on how I can get rid of the “green haze” in my hair from the green screen?

Pretty in Paisley

My adorable new Doc Marten cherry boots! Theyre great, but a pain to put on and take off since theres no side zip.
And no, that is not a Kabbalah bracelet, its a ritual in Indian weddings to wear a red string bracelet ’til it breaks and falls off to wish the bride and groom a happy marriage.
 Gotta love paisley for spring! Here are my current favorite paisley pieces out there: 
Reminiscent of the longer skirts of fall; the print is fabulous. 

Pretty colors, avant garde shape.

Gorgeous bracelet, very modern East Indian.

Flowy chiffon goes hand in hand with spring, and its one-shouldered. Loveeeee-ly!

dress, american rag; tank top, nordstrom; shirt, j.crew; tights, uo; boots, doc marten; necklace, f21
Title dedicated to Nick @ Nite’s Sunday showing of “Pretty in Pink” featuring one of my favorite actresses, Molly Rinwald.