High Horse

I had a lot of fun with layering here. When the seasons are in transition, I love to layer so that if it gets warmer I can take off a layer or two, or vice versa.
I love this jewel tone, sequins peacock headband. Ive been obsessed with hair accessories lately. I really want an Alice in Wonderland-esq hat hair clip.

I wore a dark blue sequins tank top to work in the blue and break up the neutrals in the outfit.

This belt is fun, I love little details like studs, rhinestones, or sequins incorporated into a bohemian/hippie outfit, its in such good taste.

The red lipstick adds a pop of color. The pearl collar adds some girly flair; makes me feel like spring is near! 

I think of a planetarium when I look at my nails. I used a plum base instead of black and an iridescent green glitter coat over. I really want a “galaxy” shirt. Very Tavi (Style Rookie). 

top, pacsun; tank, bebe; skirt, uo; tights, gap; shoes, boutique 9; sweater, bcbg; lipstick, mac “russian red”; nail polishes, revlon and uo

Published by

Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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