This is a sort of odd spring look. Its freezing in California lately with nonstop rain. This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when it was a tad warmer. 
The major lack of posts is because Im on spring break and I just got to La Jolla from Orlando yesterday. I was in the ER two days ago with food poisoning, not a fun time.
The colors in this outfit are so loud from the floral short to the blue top and orange yarn on the socks. I love brights but I cant wait til fall ’11 for muted tones once again.
Wooden heel shoes, spring staple.
Rosary and hamsa necklace, awk combo but whatevs.
I layer oh so much.

top, lace tank, nordstrom; shorts, american rag; leggings, melrose ave; socks, gap; shoes, dolce vita; belt, uo; fur collar, asos

Dark Romance

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago. My sister bought me the sheer skirt and crochet top for Valentine’s Day. I love crochet and net for spring! I felt “dark” in this skirt; thus, the dark make up and deep reds (tank, shoes). 

I like how the crochet top has some metallic detailing. This is pretty much the only way Ive seen metallics on a shirt in good taste
I layered a cool printed legging under the sheer skirt. I couldve gone with a generic gold or silver, but you know unexpected!
The tank top’s color is brought out by the shoes. The tank top has some gold detailing that slightly shines through.

Chunky necklace.

top, skirt, uo; tank, af; leggings, f21; necklace, fp