Here, my hair resembles Hannah’s from America’s Next Top Model. I love her style and she seems so sweet.

Im wearing a navy blue sequin tank under a sheer top. I like how there are some hidden details.

This skirt has a cool graphic element to it, I love how it feels and looks very snake-like.

The flower clip in my hair and the necklaces are the only elements of color, Im not really into brights this season.

Ive had these wedges for years. Theyre sort of edgy.

necklace, f21; bracelet, h&m; tank, skirt, bebe; top, nordstrom; wedges, jc

Published by

Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

9 thoughts on “Heartbeats

  1. Okay, thanks 🙂 Also, what liquid foundation would you recommend besides Makeup Forever … its a bit too pricey.

  2. Any Clinique foundation would be good. Theyre good for your skin and I used those before I switched to Make up Forever.<-- which is only good if you take tons of pictures and want a flawless complexion.

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