I have been a fan of Philip Treacy’s for a while now though I haven’t posted about his work. Considering today was the royal wedding, it is a great opportunity to. First of all, I adore these pieces and the whole general idea of fascinators. Paired with a demure dress, they’re like little pieces of modern art to wear. The wedding gown by Sarah Burton was a disappointment! Even though it was modeled after Grace Kelly’s fantastic gown, it can’t match up to the greatness. I felt like it was extremely meager and could’ve been done up way more. If McQueen was still alive, he would add some “oomph” and pizzaz to spice it up! Though Kate may be simple, this royal wedding was a once in a lifetime kind of thing.
This camel colored piece that Princess Beatrice is wearing was my favorite at the royal wedding.
As Victoria Bekham tried so hard to keep her fierce, model-esque facial expression intact, she looked totally glam in this Philip Tracy number next to a quite dapper David Bekham.  
This socialite is wearing a fantastic blue fascinator.
Though not at the royal wedding, this Philip Treacy piece SJP is donning is out of this world.
This piece is very sculptural and reminds me of Alexander McQueen fall ’09 RTW.
 Personally, even though they’re not orthodox here, if I could get my hands on a Philip Treacy fascinator I’d don it to a party in the U.S. in a heartbeat, would you?

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18 thoughts on “Fascinators

  1. Everything doesn't have to have “Oomph” and pizzaz. It's called being SIMPLE and ELEGANT. Katie would know whats best for her wedding day considering she went to university for fashion. You clearly have not recognized what elegance is, everything doesnt need to be all unique and outgoing.

  2. Well actually, she went to study art history, not fashion. It's my personal opinion that the dress looks matronly and not elegant. I would like to have seen something a little more like Grace Kelly's. You are entitled to your own opinion. You do not have to read my blog.

  3. Hey HATER AT THE TOP! First of all, get over yourself, Second, Get your facts straight before you go saying idiotic things such as Kate went to school for fashion HAAA, Thirdly you obviously don't know who The Urban Fashion Gal is if you even try to say she doesn't know what elegance is. And yeah I'm pretty sure on someones wedding day their dress should be unique and outgoing, so shut your trap and stop commenting on and reading her blog if you don't agree!!

  4. so many fab hats! i've been scrolling up and down you're blog for a while now, and i gotta say.


    I have a new post up, hope you'll check it out!

  5. La verdad es que no me gustan nada los tocados. Hay cositas lindas, pero por lo general son excéntricos y demasiado llamativos. Soy más de las que se decantan por las flores, los lazos, las diademas y los abalorios. Un besazo guapísima

    Et je vois la vie en rose

  6. 1506 VIEWS ON YOURE MESSY CURLS VID!!! WE're expecting a new video shortly miss urbanfashiongirl

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