Senior Citizen

Totally did not realize how messed up the lighting was, so excuse the crappy photo quality.
Senior citizen spirit day. Did not plan on blogging this outfit but I ended up liking it. Reminds me of something Tavi would wear. Not that anything I create could even come close to her awesomeness.

Dip dyed denim: HUGE runway trend last season.

These glasses remind me of the murderer’s from The Lovely Bones. Creepy.

Temporary gray hair spray: it’s been eight washes and it still hasnt come out 100%. I really wish I could dye my hair gray, like this, but my parents would sort of kill me.

This was a denim jacket from the 90’s that belonged to my sister. I cut off the sleeves, dipped it in bleach and water for 30 minutes, then sewed on little cat toys. I used senior citizen day as an excuse to wear it but Im going to be wearing it otherwise.

dress, belt, vintage; skirt, f21; kitten heel, uo; socks, dad’s

P.S. Im obsessed with dubstep now.
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This is the skirt I was wearing in the outfit post that got deleted from my camera. I love its shape, and the print makes it slightly casual.

Girly socks juxtaposed with motorcycle boots.
Majestic pegasus. Made this with an iron on. 

 Gotta love detached collars. 

Bedazzled bra. Took me about 4 hours to make but it was SO worth it. Should I sell them on Etsy?

skirt, asos; socks, american apparel; boots, stole from my sister; collar, romwe; vest, nordstrom

Misikko: Hana Flat Iron Review

A little while ago Misikko sent me a hair straightener to do a review on. In addition to this review, I would just like to comment that the presentation was absolutely fantastic! The straightener was sent within a few days in a cute box with a bunch of bows and little flowers.
Misikko sent me a 1.5″ Hana hair straightener. I actually had never heard of Hana before. This straightener is my new favorite. I’ve tried many out including Hot Tools, gHd, Chi, and a few others. This is by far the best one yet. The temperature settings range from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 450. I usually keep mine at 370. If you have finer hair, I’d recommend going down a few notches and similarly, if you have thicker, curly hair Id recommend going up to 450. This is a great feature because most people don’t really want to fry their hair! 
The size of this straightener is very convenient. 1″ straighteners elongate the process too much, while 2″ ones make it hard to get the smaller pieces. It also has great grip on the hair making it easier to slow down and straighten the piece in one swipe. Going over the hair only damages it. 
I would definitely recommend this ceramic flat iron to every hair type out there. I was sent this product, but I would never recommend something I wasn’t completely in love with. Head over to Misikko and pick one up today!

P.S. their Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant is awesome as well! Apply a few drops before straightening to protect your hair.


Ozzy look. Plaid, tiger, studs; bad ass.

Round glasses from American Apparel, the lenses were sent kind of scratched but I didnt want to go through the return process so I kept them, they look kind of vintage.

Short booties I stole from my sister. I bought this plaid shirt from Urban Outfitter’s men’s section. They have better plaid. I bought a size small but it’s still over sized which I love. Super dynamic piece.

The shorts on the left are the first pair I bought. I put them on and they ripped in many areas. Probably because the fabric became weak from the bleach. The second pair looked like a diaper pretty much and was way too short to wear to school without tights. They werent even completely bleached, the bottom half has a tint of blue. And Native Heart’s return policy sucks. If you want shorts like these, Id recommend making them yourself. When bleaching, add vinegar. And buy studs from 

On the other leg it completely ripped, but I sewed it back together.

This earring is from Adri Law on Etsy. I only have good things to say about her. I received the earring four days after I placed the order and it was only $11. She has a bunch of different colors.

These bracelets are from John’s Incredible Pizza and one is from a goody bag from a birthday party. 

top, f21; plaid shirt, uo; shorts, native heart; booties, franco sarto


I feel like I belong at Oktoberfest with this fall inspired outfit.

This is another one of my headdresses. The muted color palette goes hand in hand with fall and the bright flowers are the center of attention.

Not going to lie, this feather earring really hurts after a while!

I cannot even tell you how much I love this crochet skirt. I paired it with a black body con skirt underneath. Body con skirts are super versatile and useful, they can go under all of your sheer maxi’s.

This year, Im in journalism and Im trying to convince my teacher to let me have a fashion section in the newspaper. Im pretty excited about that!
top, romwe; skirt, nasty gal; body con, tank, nordstrom; belt, j.crew; boots, steve madden


I’ve been getting into wearing my hair straight a lot lately; Im kind of over the unruly vibe of my old hair style.

I’ve been in love with these shoes for months! My sister finally bought them-in two colors.

Im obsessed with the galactic, nebula print. This top is from Romwe. This store is fantastic and the quality of their clothing is great. The only downside is that their shipping takes about four weeks.

School started on Monday. 290 days until graduation.

 kitten heels, valentino; top, romwe; slip, h&m; skirt, nordstorm; earrings, the bay; crossbody, marc jacobs