Misikko: Hana Flat Iron Review

A little while ago Misikko sent me a hair straightener to do a review on. In addition to this review, I would just like to comment that the presentation was absolutely fantastic! The straightener was sent within a few days in a cute box with a bunch of bows and little flowers.
Misikko sent me a 1.5″ Hana hair straightener. I actually had never heard of Hana before. This straightener is my new favorite. I’ve tried many out including Hot Tools, gHd, Chi, and a few others. This is by far the best one yet. The temperature settings range from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 450. I usually keep mine at 370. If you have finer hair, I’d recommend going down a few notches and similarly, if you have thicker, curly hair Id recommend going up to 450. This is a great feature because most people don’t really want to fry their hair!ย 
The size of this straightener is very convenient. 1″ straighteners elongate the process too much, while 2″ ones make it hard to get the smaller pieces. It also has great grip on the hair making it easier to slow down and straighten the piece in one swipe. Going over the hair only damages it.ย 
I would definitely recommend this ceramic flat iron to every hair type out there. I was sent this product, but I would never recommend something I wasn’t completely in love with. Head over to Misikko and pick one up today!

P.S. their Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectantย is awesome as well! Apply a few drops before straightening to protect your hair.

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