Heat Stroke

This picture was an accident. I set the timer on 2 seconds instead of 10 but it shows my earrings pretty well. I love tassels. Ive seen dip dyed blue, tassel earrings on a runway before; I dont recall which one. If I find longer tassel earrings, Ill definitely DIY those.

I am wearing a fleece poncho in 100 degree weather. Thats commitment. I always try to dress a season ahead. This poncho is borderline snuggie. It’s so comfortable and you gotta love that Native American vibe. I let this be the centerpiece of my outfit today.
I bought this poncho last winter and I just saw it at Urban Outfitters. UO’s retailers totally stole this from asos.

I paired this poncho with a short, leather skirt so I wouldnt get heat stroke. And a distressed sweater with a metallic tube top underneath. Muted tones!

top, material girl for macy’s; socks, uo; skirt, f21; tube top, h&m; tassel earrings, bracelet, poncho, asos

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Autumn Tones

Elizabethan, gothic inspired outfit. I like the whole bustier look. I had said I really wanted the emerald accordion skirt from American Apparel; this one’s my sister’s. 

Pixlr is my new favorite editor (not including Photoshop). To go with the muted, autumn palette, I added the glamor glow filter and messed around with layers.
We had our first thunderstorm yesterday. I’m ready for fall!

top, uo; vest, nordstrom; skirt, american apparel; espadrilles, h&m

NYFW Spring ’12 RTW

Justification of my blue lipstick…
Richard Love Chai. Never heard of him before but he has some awesome pieces. But others, kind of look like bad vacay wear.

Awesome cut outs and the hot pant isn’t going anywhere next season, but the hat is out of place in my opinion. 

Cranberry lips, fab.

Sachin + Babi…I automatically like them because theyre Indian…just kidding! I love the clean, muted color palette and structure. 

This reminds me of something I would see at COS. But Sachin + Babi is way more accessible.

This look is classic. Door knocker earrings would complete the outfit. 

Imitation of Christ. I’m so impressed. Slightly disheveled with extremely intricate detailing. 

Half a blazer…who does that?! So awesome.

I love the “flap” at her hips. Definitely not flattering on girls that aren’t stick skinny, but a very cool concept.

I wasn’t too impressed with Rebecca Taylor and Nicholas K took a cop out with an all white collection. White for spring is so over done. Jason Wu, the collection was too safe; risks should’ve been taken. I liked the use of lime green though; I feel like that’ll be a big color this spring.


Harness belt! Im in love with this thing. Ive worn it 3 times in the past week…I never wear anything that often. It works with all the loose tops that I didnt wear.
Strawberry clip and antichrist earring in the same outfit/photo…ironic, yes?
D’Lilac & Chinchilla
I just bought Chinchilla from the new Lip Noire collection but Im slightly disappointed since it bears an extreme resemblance to D’Lilac. I wish it didn’t have those lavender undertones. 

Creepers revival! These things were slightly uncomfortable at first but as the day went on, they got more bearable. I wanted suede ones but settled for leather because absolutely everyone is out of Demonia creepers. I found these TUK’s at Endless and the same ones were sold out in almost every size at Need Supply Co. and they were also twenty dollars more expensive.

I went for a slightly goth look today. Ive been defining my style and that includes staying away from the word “hipster”. The hippie/gypsy style is extremely mainstream at the moment and my focus has always been staying away from what everyone is wearing so Ill be experimenting a lot in the near future.

I love this top because its so extremely versatile. I definitely need to add more useful pieces in my wardrobe.

Champagne polish, OPI shatter, then Essie Matte About You.
metallic tube top, h&m; top, nasty gal; skirt, asos; socks, american apparel; creepers, endless; clip, uo

P.S. Finding durable high waisted denim cut offs that arent extremely short under $100 is nearly impossible. 
P.P.S. I wish I lived in a big city so I couldve been a part of FNO today.

Back to School Inspiration

While browsing through Rookie Mag, I came across a post about back to school style. I realized I haven’t done a post like this even though I’m well into my second month back to school. You should definitely check out that online magazine; Tavi’s doing a great job!
Sony HX-100V; I’m so in love. This camera is perfect for a beginner who knows nothing about DSLRs *cough*….me. I like how I don’t have to change the lens out or deal with IOS, whatever that is. I’m definitely a camera noob. Hopefully later in life I’ll have time to become properly acquainted with DSLRs.
This isn’t your average back to school outfit. I threw a vintage twist with the cream lace and pearl collar. The skirt looks like a wanna-be Hermes scarf effortlessly wrapped around my waist, which I love. 

Oversized bow and lace socks, total school uniform. I used to dread my uniform in elementary and middle school and now I wish I saved those skirts.

top, socks, tank, necklace, uo; skirt, zara; shoes, steve madden; bow, american apparel; bag, oryany
This is a quintessential back to school outfit. Go for a maxi plaid skirt, tea length, or knee length. Throw on a peter pan collar button down with a neutral toned slouchy sweater to be effortlessly chic. The 50s bowling style shoes are perfect for this look. The burgundy velvet bow is absolutely necessary and brings out the striping in the skirt. Last but not least, chunky knit or lace frill socks and you’re ready for class! (top, topshop; skirt, asos; sweater, uo; bow, american apparel; shoes, romwe)


This geometric print skirt is such a unique, fun piece. The net slits in the skirt go with the whole shape theme in this outfit.

This hat makes the outfit fun! It’s very Alice in Wonderland in my opinion.

Im on a roll with my outfit posting lately! Oh and I really cannot wait til my camera gets here. 

bodycon, skirt, socks, kitten heel, uo; hat, asos; necklace, f21

Soon We’ll Be Found

Asymmetrical dress worn as a top tucked into bleached shorts. I bought these from Etsy in order to stud them since the Native Heart shorts didnt work out so well. I decided to wear them a few times before studding them. Theyre super comfortable but again, fell apart. I have really bad luck with bleached denim. 

Im starting to bore myself with my muted color palette. Ill need to post a fun look sometime soon.
I really love these from kaleidoscopeeyesvtg on Etsy but Im not sure about the fit and theyre nonreturnable so I dont want to waste $65. They look totally awesome though! I feel like a dying DIY is in my future.

top, bracelet, asos; shorts, etsy; boots, mia

P.S. Just ordered the Sony DSC-HX100v Ive been wanting for a while. Im so excited!


I decided to go for a mature, classy look for once. Ive been obsessed with hardware as of late. This look was inspired by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. Her style is a breath of fresh air. I wish I could dye my hair gray like hers.
 This body chain broke about 10 minutes before I took these photos. I was putting my bag on, cross body style and it got stuck and broke. I tied the loose ends together for these photos. Moral of the story: dont buy cheap body chains. Love this gladiator style bracelet. 

This dress is so comfortable and is carefree yet polished.

I have no idea what this type of heel is called but I absolutely love it! These shoes were not made for walking around SF though.

slip, h&m; dress, body chain, bracelet, heels, asos; bag, oryany