Back to School Inspiration

While browsing through Rookie Mag, I came across a post about back to school style. I realized I haven’t done a post like this even though I’m well into my second month back to school. You should definitely check out that online magazine; Tavi’s doing a great job!
Sony HX-100V; I’m so in love. This camera is perfect for a beginner who knows nothing about DSLRs *cough*….me. I like how I don’t have to change the lens out or deal with IOS, whatever that is. I’m definitely a camera noob. Hopefully later in life I’ll have time to become properly acquainted with DSLRs.
This isn’t your average back to school outfit. I threw a vintage twist with the cream lace and pearl collar. The skirt looks like a wanna-be Hermes scarf effortlessly wrapped around my waist, which I love. 

Oversized bow and lace socks, total school uniform. I used to dread my uniform in elementary and middle school and now I wish I saved those skirts.

top, socks, tank, necklace, uo; skirt, zara; shoes, steve madden; bow, american apparel; bag, oryany
This is a quintessential back to school outfit. Go for a maxi plaid skirt, tea length, or knee length. Throw on a peter pan collar button down with a neutral toned slouchy sweater to be effortlessly chic. The 50s bowling style shoes are perfect for this look. The burgundy velvet bow is absolutely necessary and brings out the striping in the skirt. Last but not least, chunky knit or lace frill socks and you’re ready for class! (top, topshop; skirt, asos; sweater, uo; bow, american apparel; shoes, romwe)

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