Harness belt! Im in love with this thing. Ive worn it 3 times in the past week…I never wear anything that often. It works with all the loose tops that I didnt wear.
Strawberry clip and antichrist earring in the same outfit/photo…ironic, yes?
D’Lilac & Chinchilla
I just bought Chinchilla from the new Lip Noire collection but Im slightly disappointed since it bears an extreme resemblance to D’Lilac. I wish it didn’t have those lavender undertones. 

Creepers revival! These things were slightly uncomfortable at first but as the day went on, they got more bearable. I wanted suede ones but settled for leather because absolutely everyone is out of Demonia creepers. I found these TUK’s at Endless and the same ones were sold out in almost every size at Need Supply Co. and they were also twenty dollars more expensive.

I went for a slightly goth look today. Ive been defining my style and that includes staying away from the word “hipster”. The hippie/gypsy style is extremely mainstream at the moment and my focus has always been staying away from what everyone is wearing so Ill be experimenting a lot in the near future.

I love this top because its so extremely versatile. I definitely need to add more useful pieces in my wardrobe.

Champagne polish, OPI shatter, then Essie Matte About You.
metallic tube top, h&m; top, nasty gal; skirt, asos; socks, american apparel; creepers, endless; clip, uo

P.S. Finding durable high waisted denim cut offs that arent extremely short under $100 is nearly impossible. 
P.P.S. I wish I lived in a big city so I couldve been a part of FNO today.

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