NYFW Spring ’12 RTW

Justification of my blue lipstick…
Richard Love Chai. Never heard of him before but he has some awesome pieces. But others, kind of look like bad vacay wear.

Awesome cut outs and the hot pant isn’t going anywhere next season, but the hat is out of place in my opinion. 

Cranberry lips, fab.

Sachin + Babi…I automatically like them because theyre Indian…just kidding! I love the clean, muted color palette and structure. 

This reminds me of something I would see at COS. But Sachin + Babi is way more accessible.

This look is classic. Door knocker earrings would complete the outfit. 

Imitation of Christ. I’m so impressed. Slightly disheveled with extremely intricate detailing. 

Half a blazer…who does that?! So awesome.

I love the “flap” at her hips. Definitely not flattering on girls that aren’t stick skinny, but a very cool concept.

I wasn’t too impressed with Rebecca Taylor and Nicholas K took a cop out with an all white collection. White for spring is so over done. Jason Wu, the collection was too safe; risks should’ve been taken. I liked the use of lime green though; I feel like that’ll be a big color this spring.

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Sonum Kahlon

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2 thoughts on “NYFW Spring ’12 RTW

  1. As the President of Nairobi, I'd like to formally invite you to come back to your country and show us niggas about fashion.

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