I’m really into this metal nail trend. I don’t know where to find adjustable ones; I bought this one on eBay. I got it from some seller in Hong Kong. This one isn’t adjustable and I only bought one. My nails don’t grow long enough to make them almond shaped but you could also do that and then get your nails “foiled,” at a salon.

I  wish I could find these! I saw this photo on Tumblr.

Ear cuff obsession. I love the look of mixed metal cuffs. If only they were all real piercings.

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

One thought on “Metal

  1. Hi there,

    the metal nail trend started with bijules from Beyoncé made her design famous.

    I didn't recognize the designer from the image you found on tumblr, but you can find the origin of the image with The image was posted on dianpernet's blog and it's from the designer

    Also, the gold necklace you like so much from; it's called a choker necklace or a torc necklace and it's very trendy this fall.

    Ciao! 🙂

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