Cropped Flares

 Cropped flares are great because you dont have to wear them with wedges or heels. 
 I dont know if Im feeling the whole half turban half beanie thing I have going on, it doesnt really fit correctly because the material is too thick. I picked up this sweater on sale at Zara for $20. I was immediately attracted to it because it reminded me of Beetlejuice. (I ordered the Beetlejuice collection from Models Own about three weeks ago and Im still waiting for it to get here.)

 These platform moto ankle boots are super versatile.
 Dip dyed my hair gray! We added a lilac dye too but my hair didnt pick up the color. If youre a brunette like me, I definitely recommend going to a professional to dip dye your hair. Working with an extensive amount of bleach by yourself is very risky. 
sweater, zara; pants, asos; turban, uo; necklace, f21
These cropped flares are at ASOS for about $25 right now. They can be paired with just about anything but my favorite tops this winter are boxy sweaters. Theyre super effortless and comfortable. They also look good on all body types. 
Ive also been into hardware for a while now. Im still on the look out for a neck cuff/collar but Nelly is the only place that makes them. Im sure stores in the US will catch on soon enough!
I love the Steve Madden “Madee”. I recall there being a studded, black leather one but I guess it’s out of stock. The leopard and royal blue ones add a pop of color to these overall simple looks. 

The JC Lita Rant

I’ve had mixed views on Litas ’til recently when I took a stance. The shoe itself, is completely impractical with its 5 inch, clunky heel. They’re about as heavy as my dumbbells. So if you’re in the mood for a face plant, by all means, go for it!

Secondly, girls think that they are extremely fashionable just because they own a pair of Litas. Throwing on a pair of skinnies, a tunic, some Litas, and your hair in a bun does not make you trendy…Or worse, they have Litas in eight different colors. What irritates me is the fact that JC used to be such a unique brand. I loved knowing that I could buy a pair of unique masterpieces and no one would really know (minus fashion fanatics) what brand they are. And with the Lita, JC’s popularity has sky rocketed and one has a slight acknowledgment with other girls like, “Yeah, I bought these for $160.” This relates with Louboutin’s and other designer doodads but lets not get into that. I like it when designers are discreet with their insignias. You don’t need to be a walking advertisement. Did Bebe or Juicy pay you to wear their logos across your chest and gluteus maximus? I think not. 

Wear what makes you happy. In a sense, clothing is self expression. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress. Dress how you would like to be portrayed to the world.
Well, I am done taking out my frustration. I don’t know if this rant stemmed from my sheer hatred of writing college app personal statements or intense dislike of Litas…

P.S. I have been shielding my personal opinion for far too long, I am going to start being blunt. So get ready to be offended.