The JC Lita Rant

I’ve had mixed views on Litas ’til recently when I took a stance. The shoe itself, is completely impractical with its 5 inch, clunky heel. They’re about as heavy as my dumbbells. So if you’re in the mood for a face plant, by all means, go for it!

Secondly, girls think that they are extremely fashionable just because they own a pair of Litas. Throwing on a pair of skinnies, a tunic, some Litas, and your hair in a bun does not make you trendy…Or worse, they have Litas in eight different colors. What irritates me is the fact that JC used to be such a unique brand. I loved knowing that I could buy a pair of unique masterpieces and no one would really know (minus fashion fanatics) what brand they are. And with the Lita, JC’s popularity has sky rocketed and one has a slight acknowledgment with other girls like, “Yeah, I bought these for $160.” This relates with Louboutin’s and other designer doodads but lets not get into that. I like it when designers are discreet with their insignias. You don’t need to be a walking advertisement. Did Bebe or Juicy pay you to wear their logos across your chest and gluteus maximus? I think not. 

Wear what makes you happy. In a sense, clothing is self expression. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress. Dress how you would like to be portrayed to the world.
Well, I am done taking out my frustration. I don’t know if this rant stemmed from my sheer hatred of writing college app personal statements or intense dislike of Litas…

P.S. I have been shielding my personal opinion for far too long, I am going to start being blunt. So get ready to be offended. 

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Sonum Kahlon

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2 thoughts on “The JC Lita Rant

  1. I love my litas. I am not really into the fashion world, until I started my blog because I felt or have always felt like my style was…no style. And one day I saw this lace up booties and stumbled across the litas. I bought em in black and for me they are actually pretty light and comfortable. I do not use them everyday…maybe once a month. Ive paired them with dresses, shorts, skinnies…everything really. But thats what I love about this whole blog world…reading different opinions & let me just say I really love your posts. Been reading a couple and im hooked!

    thanks for the comment on my tiny newbie blog :]

  2. I promise you they are not impractical nor heavy. They're actually REALLY light, and super comfortable. The platform is big which makes the heel feel quite low when you're wearing them, along with the chunky heel, which makes them feel sturdy. You should try them out. I think they're a staple shoe in every girls wardrobe!


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