I’m actually doing on outfit of the day post. If you follow me on Instagram, ya’ll see these all the time.

I love tea length skirts. This outfit is pretty bizarre with the geometric shapes and cat eyes. The shirt says “kill” since it’s by Kill Brand but I chose to cover up that part since I’m not too into logos.

Totally obsessed with this skinny leopard belt. It dresses up every skirt.

top, plndr; skirt, jacket, uo; socks, belt, asos; chain, filthy magic; shoes, mia

Saturday Nights

 This is a quintessential going out outfit for me. Something chic and classy put with a punk edge. Yesterday I had this epiphany that I really don’t like structured blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. I post when I feel inspired and that may not be every week or sometimes it might be five times in one week. I get that that isn’t professional but that’s precisely why I started my own personal blog.

As you can tell I still love mesh. I’m on the lookout for something like this but in white so I can attempt to channel Givenchy A/W 2011. I would live in that collection if I could. I’d wear it everywhere, school, the gym, etc…
Yay for awkward facial expressions! My sister likes to see if she can make me laugh while taking photos of me. Oh and I decided to do the stereotypical blogger jacket pose with it thrown over my shoulders. Pretty awkward and uncomfortable if you ask me!

dress, motel from plndr; skirt, uo; platforms, jeffrey campbell; bow, american apparel; bracelet, clutch, earring, asos


Bought this dress from asos in anticipation it would come with a slip. Well it didn’t so I layered a velvet mini underneath. I could’ve worn one of the black slips I already have, but these textures look way cooler. I like how theres a slit on the side of the dress that lets the emerald peak through.

Bare upper midriff: I ❤ it. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I could go to wear an outfit like this. I pretty much live in a hick town so this is as far as I can take playing dress up–my dining room. Girl's night in the movies consists of getting all dressed up but my girl's nights entail watching Ryan Gosling and Taylor Lautner movies in the comfort of my home in my Columbia sweatshirt and j.crew sweat pants. Sweat pants you say?! I own one pair, but lets keep that on the DL, I have a rep to maintain as TUFG.

 I’ve been wearing the heck out of this fur collar because not only does it provide ample warmth, it gives outfits just enough amount of edge with its cranberry-wine color.
dress, clutch, claw ring, asos; skirt, tights, american apparel; collar, karmaloop; heels, jc; earrings, f21; cat ring, the lovely tea spoon on etsy, nail ring, ebay

Gradient Lip Tutorial

I did a Gareth Pugh inspired lip tutorial a little while back but it was muted for everyday wear. I guess it wasn’t what some of you expected so here is my take on the actual Gareth Pugh MAC ad.

1. Line: Line your lips with MAC’s Fluidline in “Blacktrack” with a liner brush (MAC 209). Keep the line pretty thick around the corners. I used a gel liner because it stays darker and doesn’t budge compared to a pencil. 
2. Fill: Fill in the remaining area with Revlon’s “Va Va Violet” on the bottom lip and MAC’s “Viva Glam Lady Gaga” on top. Any violet and bright pink opaque lipsticks can be substituted. Rub lips together to blend the color. 
3. Gloss: To add some more drama, top this look off with MAC’s Dazzleglass in “Sugarrimmed”. I concentrated this in the middle of the bottom and top lips to attract light and make the lips look fuller. 

DIY Neon Necklace

Neon necklaces are my favorite trend as of late. But all of these necklaces range in the thousands price range so I decided to find an old necklace and DIY. All you need is some neon polish.

Of course, mine is not nearly as awesome but it was fun to experiment. I’ll probably go out and buy a better necklace and maybe use fewer colors.

3 Different Ways to Wear a Slit Maxi Skirt: Classic, Punk, & Casual

Skirts with really high slits can go from tasteful to raunchy really quick. With a few accessories here’s how to avoid that.

 Minimalistic black and white look: classic. I love this slit with sheer black tights, it adds visual interest while keeping the color palette simple.

(top, h&m; skirt, asos; necklace, filthy magic; heels, gee wawa; tights, nordstrom)

 Juxtaposing pink and red: punk. I’ve liked this color combination ever since Blair’s red and pink ensemble when she went to wait for Chuck at the top of the Empire State building a while back on Gossip Girl.
(turtleneck, heels, plndr; top, uo; ring, f21)

Sweater and oxfords: casual. Throwing on a loose sweater and switching into flats pretty much makes everything casual. The thin toque necklace brings out the gold on the belt buckle. (You know how much I love hardware!)
(sweater, bcbg; top, uo; ear cuff, etsy; oxfords, steve madden; necklace, ebay; belt, asos)

Tryin’ out this new ‘do. What do you think?