Neon Twiggy

I haven’t really hopped onto the whole neon bandwagon yet. I’m not really a fan because neon colors don’t look too great with my skin tone but I fell in love with this skirt. It reminds me of something Twiggy would model. And even though it’s from Forever 21, it’s not like I’ll be wearing it constantly anyways. I can actually already tell the quality is deteriorating after one day.


Bright colors with a shirt that says “go to hell,” just for fun. Usually I’ll add heels with an outfit for the blog but this is exactly what I wore to school today. I’ve been getting lazy and posting mirror pictures on Instagram in the morning.

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The Woman in Black

According to this month’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar, neon, all black outfits, and platforms are out. I never really read fashion magazines because of this. I like the things I like and I don’t care if I’m not on trend all the time. On a less serious note, I saw the Woman in Black last night. Full of jump scares and had a disappointing story just like every other horror movie these days.
I had been wanting this shirt from UNIF for a while. I hate buying individual pieces that are expensive especially when I know I won’t wear it too much but this shirt’s just way too cool.

To balance out the gothic-ness I wore lace trimmed socks, a strawberry hair clip, and glittery bracelets.
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P.S. Does anyone know why my photos look super blurry but then when I click on them they’re clear?

How to Style a Black Milk Clothing Skirt

Here’s how I would style the skirt. I like how you can wear punk and girly pieces with it. I chose both here with the Doc Martens and the lace.
The skirt is so beautiful in person, the material is great and the colors are really bright.
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This picture is from Madame Julietta’s Facebook page: MAFFASHION. This photo made me want to buy the Cathedral skirt from Black Milk so I decided to recreate this look myself. 

Definitely bought the wrong size but since I live in the US I didn’t want to wait another month to get a different size. I bought a small but these run small, so I’d recommend sizing up.
(P.S. tried experimenting with no flash but I totally hate these photos so I’m going back to my usual settings)
top, uo; necklace, asos

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