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I’m all about creativity and finding new and interesting things to wear. This can be only taken so far with online shopping and local stores. This is being switched up with Blogger’s Wardrobe. Not merely a collection of bloggers, Blogger’s Wardrobe is an exclusive group that has access to the hottest brands around the world. Right now they’re accepting applications, but not for long. It’s a group that I’d love to be a part of. And best of all, every item is free–but only for members. 


(Tiger of Sweden)

From the super structured Finsk shoes to the quality neutral’s of Tiger of Sweden, the brands hand picked for this website are fresh and unique. 
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Pastel Pink

PhotobucketPhotobucketI styled this pastel pink sweater two ways: casual and trendy. I thought I’d tone it down a notch for school, so I went with a plain white jean. To keep the light theme going, I wore my taupe oxfords. Since they’re a solid color, these oxfords are a loafers dupe. I can’t find loafers I’m totally in love with so I’m going to stick with these until I decide on a pair. For the second look, I swapped the jeans for a leather mini and turquoise tights. The turquoise is a good compliment for the pink and the brown goes with my new ombre hair. PhotobucketI totally dig these pastel pink chandelier earrings. I feel like my hair is just asking for some dramatic, dangly earrings. sweater, nasty gal; pants, h&m; tights, uo; skirt, earrings, f21; shoes, steve madden

Trend Watch: Celestial, Medallion Print & Mid Knuckle Rings

(etsy: Phenomena Jewelry)
I like the star print trend, but something I haven’t seen so much of is celestial sun/moon pieces. I found a bunch of cool jewelry on Etsy but I hope some stores jump on this trend and make some punk/goth style graphic tees and dresses. 
This Hermes scarf style dress is another trend I’ve been spotting. I haven’t really found the perfect dress yet but this one from Topshop and the one from Romwe are a great contenders.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a couple of tweet about how I’m trying to find rings like Phoebe’s from Friends. This mid knuckle 90’s style ring is the best one I’ve found but I’m also looking for a mini armor mid knuckle ring and maybe I’ll go to a hardware store and pick up some plumbing tubes.

Santa Barbara

I was in Santa Barbara the last couple of days where I started prematurely dressing for spring in 45 degree weather. It was snowing on the grapevine on the way home today. Crazy. Anywho, I’m starting to get into brighter colors even though I had previously shied away from the neon trend. I also have some kelly green jeans I’ll be pairing with this top in order to fulfill my “monochromatic jelly bean” dressing dream. I’m excited about this pleated leather skirt too. I had been looking for one for the past few weeks and found this one at H&M and decided to buy it even though it was 2 sizes too big. (fashion girl problems) Photobucket
PhotobucketI found this lovely necklace at H&M, it has opalescent and orange stones, super on trend and reminds me of the necklace I was talking about in my last post. PhotobucketP.S. Snakeskin is my new favorite print.
top, skirt, clutch, h&m; belt, asos; socks, american apparel; oxfords, steve madden

Spring Wish List

I’ve had this photo on my computer for a while, it’s a piece by a designer on Etsy. I love the juxtaposition of the simple cord with the rhinestones, very modern.

I saw these pants in the lastest Teen Vogue and immediately tracked them down: for $395. I don’t know if I should splurge on one thing I love or just constantly buy the lastest trends from H&M and Urban Outfitters (every fashionista’s conundrum). But one thing’s for sure, these are a masterpiece that can’t be found at regular stores.

Loafers are my latest obsession. The UNIF Hellraisers and these Senso’s from Solestruck are my favorites.

The Style Stalker leggings are back in stock at Nasty Gal. They’re a masterpiece but not very spring friendly. Plus they’re $192 which is crazy for material that is sure to deteriorate after a few washes.

Love this top from Nasty Gal. It has purple and mint, two lovely colors for spring (kelly green being my other favorite color). 
I’ve been obsessed with these Prada sunglasses for ages, and I might just buy them soon. I love them in white because it goes with the whole “I’m lounging in the Bahamas (or wherever rich ladies go on vacation) with my all white, extremely expensive resort wear” persona.
Lastly, this sign for my college dorm. Oh so trendy.

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This outfit was inspired by Ivania from Love-Aesthetics, though she probably would’ve refrained from wearing this necklace. I bought this top on Saturday and yesterday I took a look at her blog, and she was wearing a similar one. Metallic is big at the moment and I was tempted to buy the matching pants, but decided it was over kill. I did buy two monochromatic outfits though which I’m excited to share on the blog. These pants remind me of the American Apparel riding pants but instead of some spandex blend, these are pleater. They’re more comfortable than the red pleather ones I own from Urban Outfitters but nonetheless, they are a pain in the ass (figuratively). I stole these heels from my sister’s closet. They’ve made an appearance here before. They have absolutely no platform which is right on trend but blister inducing. 


top, pants, necklace, h&m; heels, prada