Spring Wish List

I’ve had this photo on my computer for a while, it’s a piece by a designer on Etsy. I love the juxtaposition of the simple cord with the rhinestones, very modern.

I saw these pants in the lastest Teen Vogue and immediately tracked them down: erinfetherston.com for $395. I don’t know if I should splurge on one thing I love or just constantly buy the lastest trends from H&M and Urban Outfitters (every fashionista’s conundrum). But one thing’s for sure, these are a masterpiece that can’t be found at regular stores.

Loafers are my latest obsession. The UNIF Hellraisers and these Senso’s from Solestruck are my favorites.

The Style Stalker leggings are back in stock at Nasty Gal. They’re a masterpiece but not very spring friendly. Plus they’re $192 which is crazy for material that is sure to deteriorate after a few washes.

Love this top from Nasty Gal. It has purple and mint, two lovely colors for spring (kelly green being my other favorite color). 
I’ve been obsessed with these Prada sunglasses for ages, and I might just buy them soon. I love them in white because it goes with the whole “I’m lounging in the Bahamas (or wherever rich ladies go on vacation) with my all white, extremely expensive resort wear” persona.
Lastly, this sign for my college dorm. Oh so trendy.

P.S. I turned off the commenting functionality because I feel like bloggers just comment on other blogs to get followers and I don’t want that to be the reason you comment.

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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