Not a Flower Girl

I found these floral pants at the H&M in Santa Barbara. My local H&M was sold out because these are definitely a spring staple. I really like the ones from asos, but I decided I wasn’t going to wear them enough to get the value out of them. (H&M-$14.95 asos-$71) H&M does have very bizarre sizing though. I feel like their pieces cater towards a more thin, European style frame. (Think: Alexa Chung) Photobucket
Since the pants are super girly I had to add an edge with the UNIF top. Socks and heels made the heels less quintessential BCBG and more me. Photobucket
I stole these heels from my sister’s closet. I love the python print and pop of color. These remind me of a pair from Zara that I fell in love with but sold out before I got around to buying them. Which by the way, has been happening a lot lately: UNIF Hellraisers and the Style Stalker Snakebite Leggings at Nasty Gal (which come back 7/10). Fantastic marketing strategy though, kudos. Photobucket top, unif; pants, necklace, h&m; socks, american apparel; heels, BCBG outlet

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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