Black Leopard

Just received this UNIF coat in the mail from Nasty Gal and I absolutely hate it. The sleeves were made for someone with abnormally skinny arms. My arms are pretty skinny and literally, my blood circulation was cut off while wearing this which is such a shame because it’s fully lined and would’ve been so comfortable and warm. I would return it for a larger size but sales at Nasty Gal are final. Also, the jacket is asymmetrical and fits weirdly so that’s probably why the model is holding the collar in the photo, I presume. 
I like the bright colors in the top and I obviously never let one piece dominate a look, so I paired it with my brightest skirt. This is as far as I go with the whole mixing prints trend. To be different, I put the python skinny belt super low. 

I know, I know, I look like I’m sleep deprived or high on something when I’m not wearing black eyeliner. But I’ve gotten way too comfortable with dark make up and I’m trying to change that up for spring. I went a little eyeliner crazy today at Ulta and Sephora. I have a few ideas with what I can do with them so stay tuned for some weird stuff. I may try an Effie Trinket look, who knows. Photobucket
PhotobucketI recently got this top from Romwe and I love the colors, concept and drugged out facial expression on the black leopard but Romwe’s tops suck to be honest. First off, everything is one size. This isn’t a big deal for me for the most part but this top is over sized until it hits the bottom hem. The top tapers in and is super tight at the hem. It’s not just this top, it’s all of the chiffon and silk ones. I have bought two similar styles and both have had the same issue. This makes it hard to wear the top with pants and it loses all of it’s charm tucked in. I assume Romwe knows they have an issue because none of their chiffon or silk boxy tops are modeled. I may cut slits in the sides or something, but beware y’all. 
top, romwe; skirt, asos; belt, h&m; coat, nasty gal; heels, jeffrey campbell; bracelets, f21; blue liquid liner, nyx; gold liquid liner, urban decay

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