This skirt came with the ink a little smeared in some spots which was annoying but I love it so much that I had to keep it. Pencil skirts are totally my thing so when you mix that with a tropical print…HELLO RESORT-ESQUE SPRINGTIME SEXY. I find print on clothing sexy, I’m weird like that. Anywho, as you can tell I like pairing casual with not so casual so this whole tied up tee thing is my favorite lately. This tee is from Black Magic at UO. I feel like lots of brands are trying to do the whole high end trendy tee thing like UNIF and Wildfox. UNIF doesn’t come out with a lot of variety and Wildfox is slightly over priced in my opinion so I like how other brands are jumping on this bandwagon. 

I got this necklace from Rocks Paper Metal on etsy after eyeing it for about a month. I was under the impression that the stones were colored and it would be high quality for the price that I paid. Turns out the stones are actually painted (which I could have very well done myself) and the cord came out this morning so I had to super glue it back. I talked about this store a couple of posts ago and if you’re thinking about picking yourself up some pieces, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.
On another negative note, these shoes gave me the gnarliest blisters ever today. But fashion hurts, right?
I chose these in black because they’re going to transition easily into the fall and winter. I am obsessed with studded loafers and, well, loafers in general. I searched for these babies online but I could never find my size. Same with the black and gold UNIFs so when I saw these at the Nordstrom in Santa Monica last weekend, I jumped on it. (Tip: if you’re looking to buy these online, stay true to your regular size if you want extra room to wear socks but size down 1/2 if you want them snug because they will eventually loosen up.)

top, uo; skirt, asos; loafers, jeffrey campbell

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