Originally, I was going to wear a sparkly Sherri Hill ball gown altered to tea length but apparently Sherri Hill gowns take two months to make and it wouldn’t have been ready in time. I know I wanted to do something different though. The long dress with the chandelier earrings and heels isn’t really my thing. So I stayed true to myself and bought an All Saints dress. I literally searched hours and hours to find something interesting. I fell in love with the printed chiffon, subtle sequins, and frayed hem line on this dress. I paired it with some awesome earrings from Rent the Runway. I wish they had the option to buy their products because no other store had these. 


I literally studded these brogues myself. I got 100 studs from, made a grid with graph paper, used a sharpie to make dots, used a piercing tool, and screwed them on. It took hours and made my fingers swell. So if you’re thinking about doing a DIY like me, I don’t think it’s worth it unless you have a specific shoe/stud color combination you absolutely need to have. Some type of strong glue would’ve been easier to deal with but the studs would’ve probably have fallen off by the end of the night. If these were available to buy, I would’ve done so. 
I went for a super girly Blair Waldorf-esque vibe with my headband and rossette purse and set it off with my punk-ish shoes. I’m happy with the way it all turned out because I stayed true to myself and definitely looked unique.

I did my hair and make up myself because I’ve always had the worst luck with hair dressers and well, MAC and Clinque make up artists at the mall do a god-awful job. My two main fears were looking like a drag queen and having those crunchy, over hair sprayed ringlets. I tend to think of high school dances as “the attack of the crunchy curls and tulle dresses”.




My date!
Now I’m going to go drug myself with some anti-histamine because I have an upper respiratory infection (aka common cold) and fall into a long slumber. 
P.S. 99 days from now, I will be moving into my dorm in Malibu. Oh snap.

dress $395, all saints; shoes $80, zara; studs $60,; clutch $98, nordstrom; lipstick $34, ysl rouge #19; lip glorss, nars “turkish delight”; mom’s bracelets, nadri; earrings $70, rent the runway; headband, j.crew

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