Oops I Did it Again

Title has to do with the fact that I went for an edgy, 90s inspired Britney Spears look (maybe slightly Lolita, even). High waisted, short skirts and crop tops are going to be my summer uniform. You may recognize the print on this top from a couple of posts ago, that is because I bought a matching top and skirt but I havent really worn them together yet. Speaking of matching stuff, I really like the idea of a pink suit. I’ve seen it on Naomi on and episode of 90210 last week and then Blair on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. Photobucket
I threw a denim button down on top to make this a tad more school appropriate. I’m definitely going to be buying this skirt in denim for the summertime; corduroy is a bit too wintery. Photobucket
You may notice that I’m a bunch of different shades of tan right now (my face is still pale as hell though) due to my experimentation with bronzing lotion. I’m naturally tan but I can get sort of pale so I’m trying to find the best product that makes girls with my skin tone look more golden. Photobucket
This necklace is a great touch to a lot of my outfits, I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. On another note, commenting has been enabled again! I disabled it because I didn’t care to know what people hiding behind anonymity had to say, but I really do miss the positive comments.Photobucket
PhotobucketNew ring from Verameat! It’s like a hug for your finger 🙂 
P.S. I’m now a part of the creative team at Style Saint! Style Saint is like Tumblr and Pinterest’s fashionable love child. I really do prefer it because now I don’t have to go through pages of irrelevant stuff, it’s all just fashion and beauty. Make an account and subscribe

crop top, asos; denim crop top, f21; skirt, aa; socks, h&m; shoes, zara/DIY

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