Last Day of High School

Today was my last day of high school eeeep. I thought I’d be super happy about it but I’m not. I’m not a kid anymore and it sucks! I was thinking back to what I wore on the first day of high school in 2008 and comparing it to what I wore today…what a transformation. I was into Hot Topic, colored denim, and other not refined or classy stuff. I unknowingly wore USC colors today and I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me. 
I’m drifting away from high low hemlines but the draping on this skirt was just too fab not to post. I bought this in Santa Barbara and the LF store sale. It was originally a ghastly $148 and I ended up getting it for about $28. 

This top is literally my favorite. I saw the one at American Apparel and was about to buy it but I noticed asos had a similar top on sale–so I just went with asos’s. I’m definitely going to buy more and in different colors from American Apparel. This top goes with all of my high waisted skirts and doesn’t turn into crap when I wash it once. Which is more than I can say for my Wildfox “I hate mornings” shirt…
And I know people are probably wondering why I dress up so much just for school. Everyday is an excuse to play dress up, that’s my motto. Don’t let that fab skirt just sit in your closet for months until it sees the light of day for some special occasion. I wear whatever I want. As long as it makes me happy, I’m satisfied. I didn’t wear a prom appropriate dress to prom and I’m not wearing a graduation appropriate dress tomorrow either (when you see it, you’ll be like, “Why didn’t she wear the prom dress to graduation and vice versa?” Because I’m too cool for that duhhh!!!) #YOLO <- probably going to regret that obscene hash tag in like five seconds. 

top, asos; skirt, lf; loafers, uo; necklace, topshop

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