I GOT A PS1 AHHHHH!!! My 18th birthday is coming up, and Ive been wanting a PS1 for ages, so this was an early birthday present from my mom! I really love taupe handbags right now and this is large enough to fit everything I need for school… (which might change because I dont have to stuff an apple and cottage cheese in there like I did for those long days in high school)
<img alt="
I love this skirt so much (Ive worn it on the blog twice now) but if youre thinking about buying it, Id recommend getting the black. It’s dry clean only and unfortunately I got some food on it and decided itd be a good idea to wash it…oops. Ill send it off to the dry cleaners and hopefully they can take care of it. 
My mom on this skirt: *concerned look* “Sonum make sure you don’t get caught on anything and hurt yourself!” Hahah…she cracks me up.
I’ve worn this lipstick in the past two blog posts–LOVE IT. It’s MAC’s “Chatterbox”. It’s not too light and definitely not magenta so it goes well with my skin tone making it my favorite pink shade (and it’s perfect for summer).
This top is from Nikki Lipstick (yay for independent designers!). I really love how punk and cute (mixing hard and soft people!) it is but it definitely turned some heads today and middle aged women stared at the shirt in awe (the bad kind). But hey, Im a fashion blogger not a people pleaser. 
Extra Large “nude” PS1 aka THE LOVE OF MY LIFE:
Clear glitter nail polish on top of my natural nail. Everyones obsessed with nail art…so why not do the minimalist thing and keep your nails nearly bare?
Side note: trying to grow out my nails so I can try a cool nail deco place in NYC with *hopefully* my natural nails in an almond shape. 

top-Nikki Lipstick
sunglasses-American Apparel
shoes-Marc Jacobs
bag-Proenza Schouler 
watch-Michael Kors
mid knuckle ring-Mr. Kate
hug ring-Verameat
spike bracelet-eBay
nose ring-Claire’s
bindi-Indian store

& I’ve been asked to also list the make up products I’m wearing:
Lipstick-MAC “Chatterbox”
Foundation-Benefit Oxygen Wow (works wonders for your skin!)
Powder-MAC Studio Fix 
Liquid Eyeliner-Hourglass
Brown Eyeliner Pencil (waterline)-MAC “Teddy”
Eyeshadows-MAC “Wedge” “Brun” 
Blush-MAC “Gentle” 
Bronzer-Benefit Hoola

P.S. Wasn’t the lighting lovely in these photos? Took these at around 10:30 this morning. 

Fly Me to the Moon


I’ve been seeing a lot of photos on Tumblr of girls wearing “tikkas” (Indian headpieces) with Western clothing. I found this one lying around and decided to wear it with my punk, casual outfit. 

UNIF tees are super trendy and easy to style. 

Fly Me To The Moon-Frank Sinatra
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right-Bob Dylan
Chin Up-Amy Stroup
Ho Hey-The Lumineers
Wristwatch-The Hungry Kids of Hungary
Poison & Wine-The Civil Wars
New York Groove-Kiss
It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind-Alex Turner
Primadonna-Marina and the Diamonds
Be My Baby-The Ronettes
Don’t Cut It Off-Soft Swells

I’m taking courses at FIT in NYC next month. I leave on the 5th; I can’t wait. EEEEEP!

Pretty in Pink

I really love the Japanese Kawaii/deco style. I don’t want to take it that far, so here is a pink/cute/sweet/girly look for ya. Photobucket

Finally debuting these puppies on the blog! I absolutely love this concept. I know that Charlotte Olympia has some like these, but they’re cats. 
I came across Mr. Kate’s video of her experience at ES Nail on Melrose Ave. I think I might check out a salon like this while in NYC. 

“colour blocked body”, asos; skirt, necklace, h&m; belt, f21; flats, marc jacobs; bag, prada

Fifty Shades of White

See what I did there with the title? Heheh. As a contrast to the crazy things I usually wear, I wanted to tone it down today. Both the top and the bottom are from Pins and Needles at Urban. I bought them both for $9.99 each but I found out later that the cami is $4.99 online. Urban has had some great pieces lately. Anywho, there were a ton of sales yesterday (Verameat, The Pokey Hat, Solestruck, and Motel Rocks) because apparently it was “national splurge day” which is something I’ve never even heard of…but hey, I’m not complaining! 
I always feel the need to pair leopard with red so I went for this deep red lip. I used a lip stain by Smashbox in the color “sangria”. The stain itself is super drying and I was hoping it was more of a light tint but with the tinted lip balm, it’s actually a really nice lip color. Oh and my hair’s tucked into my blazer ’cause I’m super trendy and runway aware like that. 
I picked up a few make up things while in Roseville the other day. I have Lime Crime’s “Cosmopop” but I’m not a fan of how it looks on my skin tone so I got this deeper tangerine shade by MAC called “Morange”. I also picked up another Hourglass liquid liner. I’ve tried so many liquid liners and this is definitely my favorite. It’s hard to use at first because it has such a fine tip but with practice it’s definitely worth it. The Bobbi Brown didn’t last me very long along with the Urban Decay and Kat Von D liquid liners. I like how this one has more of a matte finish and doesn’t flake. Lastly, I got MAC’s lip conditioner. I usually use Vaseline lip therapy but with lipsticks and stains, this Shea butter product is definitely a better choice. 

top, skirt, urban outfitters; blazer, lf store; shoes, zara/diy; watch, michael kors

P.S. I’m incredibly excited to get my hair done at the Butterfly Studio in NYC next month, I’m thinking about going a tad shorter.

Denim on Denim

I never thought I’d do the whole denim on denim thing or wear a bindi with “Western” clothing. But hey, don’t knock it till ya try it, right? I liked this little experiment but I did feel grungier than usual. I wore this to the mall in Roseville today (which is amazing, by the way!) and got a few compliments and a few glares from old ladies. I guess the bindi is a little too out there for some. 
New glitter jelly shoes from Top Shop! The sizing is really weird. I usually get a 9 so I decided to size up and get the 9.5 but I probably should’ve gone with the 8.5. These shoes are really cute but definitely not good for walking because your feet get all sweaty and blistery and yeah, I won’t go into further detail…
tops, urban outfitters; skirt, american apparel; necklace, h&m; shoes, top shop
I styled my sister today! It was my way of proving to her that I can be “classy” and “refined”. I obviously know how to dress that way, B.P./Nordstrom/H&M-esque, but I choose not to. It’s slightly boring to me. Why wear what you know when you can take risks?
The thinnest part of a woman’s body is the upper midriff. I decided to accentuate that with the tight crop top and high waisted skirt. The red lip to keep things interesting and gold jewelry to match the gold hardware on her purse. 
FYI: taupe and beige are my favorite colors for bags as of late. 
top, american apparel; skirt, f21; necklace, h&m; purse, chanel

Trend Watch: Butterfly/Food/Pink

I just bought this body con from It’s also available at with a lovely shipping price that exceeds $30. I’m obsessed with butterfly print. I first saw it on a pair of tights on Tumblr but I could never find it anywhere on So now that it’s been a few months, it’s available everywhere. But this dress happens to be the cheapest and cutest form of butterfly print I could find.
Food prints. Either you were perplexed or mesmerized by Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2012 collection. Personally, I loved the vegetable prints. Juxtaposed with the modest hemlines, it was like the attire of the women in Mad Men but with a little modernity. I found two similar skirts with this banana print but unfortunately the vegetable print hasn’t caught on with regular stores. The top is the cheaper option from for about $32 and the bottom, from, is a tad longer but also more expensive at around $62.
Probably my favorite trend lately would be the pink blazer. I’ve mentioned it a few posts ago when I saw stars donning it on the sets of shows such as 90210 and Gossip Girl. Paired with pink capri pants and a silver headband, this would be the ideal cute-sy work outfit. Since I’m just a teenager, I’d wear it to class just for fun since I like playing dress up. This blazer that’s on sale from Calvin Klein does have matching pants but there are cheaper options available. What I’m looking for in a blazer is structure. The flimsy cheap ones from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 just won’t convey the same look.

Other: I feel myself drifting towards “beach print” and cheesy 90s tops like this one. I haven’t found anything worth buying yet, but I’ll keep ya posted.

P.S. why the heck would anyone in their right mind create this “shirt”? Does it even qualify as a shirt? 


Don’t mind the bizarre title, it’s the first word I thought of while looking at this top and skirt combination. Tying up t-shirts and wearing them with high waisted skirts is literally my summer uniform. It’s effortless yet still chic. These photos weren’t taken at my usual location because I had just gotten back from San Francisco and I wasn’t in the mood to get all elaborate. I didn’t even take the time to powder my nose *le sigh* summer has made me such a laggard.
I actually bought this skirt today. It’s funny because I usually never try things on at Urban Outfitters because I know my size but when I got home, I realized I have gone a size down thanks to Insanity. Also thanks to Insanity, I herniated a disc in my back so needless to say, I returned that nonsense. ANYWAYS, back to fashion. The tangerine color attracted me because it’s the color of 2012 of course, but also one of the colors of Pepperdine University, the college I will be attending this fall (only this fall, then USC for the rest, just to clear things up). I got a laptop bag in this same color. 
I broke my promise with myself about Wildfox. I had decided I wouldn’t invest in such poorly made clothing but I have been wanting this top for ages. I like the swimsuit version as well, but it doesn’t seem too flattering. I noticed every store I checked was selling out of this top so when I found it at the Black Label Boutique online, I couldn’t help myself. Apparently the neons and pastels of spring are out and now it’s time to go for monochromatic white looks (according to Who What Wear). This isn’t anything new in my opinion, it’s the quintessential resort wear look. Wearing all white is something I will try out but I feel like stars such as Kim Kardashian or Olivia Palermo can’t be looked at for inspiration, because their take on the trend is far too aging for someone of my age. 
I jumped on the Michael Kors gold watch bandwagon today. I love the way gold looks on my skin tone and I don’t really have a great watch, so this ended up being my graduation present from my mommy. I really love the white version but the rubber attracts dirt and the ceramic is way too heavy. #firstworldprobz 

P.S. Sky blue nail polish is totally underrated. *valley girl voice* it’s hecka cute! #sarcasmintended 

top, wildfox:blacklabelboutique; skirt, cheap monday: urban outfitters; necklace, sister’s: h&m


I had been lookin’ at this skirt for months now and decided the black version was way too Taylor Momsen, aka dominatrix-y. When this pink version came out, I had to buy it especially with the 20% off everything sale at This is the second 20% off everything sale I’ve witnessed from them, so if you’re wanting something UNIF, I’d wait til one of these sales. I’ve been attracted to pastels so I had to toughen up this outfit with this leather-esque shell top. I like how this skirt is so tough and has hardware but it’s in such a demure color.  Photobucket

P.S. My legs look slightly orange on camera because my genius butt decided to spray tan my legs (Sephora brand self tanner)…My arms are white and my face is somewhere in between. Oodles of awkwardness. 
  top, h&m $14.95; skirt, dollskill $75; boots, nastygal $58; glasses, american apparel; earrings, asos