Don’t mind the bizarre title, it’s the first word I thought of while looking at this top and skirt combination. Tying up t-shirts and wearing them with high waisted skirts is literally my summer uniform. It’s effortless yet still chic. These photos weren’t taken at my usual location because I had just gotten back from San Francisco and I wasn’t in the mood to get all elaborate. I didn’t even take the time to powder my nose *le sigh* summer has made me such a laggard.
I actually bought this skirt today. It’s funny because I usually never try things on at Urban Outfitters because I know my size but when I got home, I realized I have gone a size down thanks to Insanity. Also thanks to Insanity, I herniated a disc in my back so needless to say, I returned that nonsense. ANYWAYS, back to fashion. The tangerine color attracted me because it’s the color of 2012 of course, but also one of the colors of Pepperdine University, the college I will be attending this fall (only this fall, then USC for the rest, just to clear things up). I got a laptop bag in this same color. 
I broke my promise with myself about Wildfox. I had decided I wouldn’t invest in such poorly made clothing but I have been wanting this top for ages. I like the swimsuit version as well, but it doesn’t seem too flattering. I noticed every store I checked was selling out of this top so when I found it at the Black Label Boutique online, I couldn’t help myself. Apparently the neons and pastels of spring are out and now it’s time to go for monochromatic white looks (according to Who What Wear). This isn’t anything new in my opinion, it’s the quintessential resort wear look. Wearing all white is something I will try out but I feel like stars such as Kim Kardashian or Olivia Palermo can’t be looked at for inspiration, because their take on the trend is far too aging for someone of my age. 
I jumped on the Michael Kors gold watch bandwagon today. I love the way gold looks on my skin tone and I don’t really have a great watch, so this ended up being my graduation present from my mommy. I really love the white version but the rubber attracts dirt and the ceramic is way too heavy. #firstworldprobz 

P.S. Sky blue nail polish is totally underrated. *valley girl voice* it’s hecka cute! #sarcasmintended 

top, wildfox:blacklabelboutique; skirt, cheap monday: urban outfitters; necklace, sister’s: h&m

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