Trend Watch: Butterfly/Food/Pink

I just bought this body con from It’s also available at with a lovely shipping price that exceeds $30. I’m obsessed with butterfly print. I first saw it on a pair of tights on Tumblr but I could never find it anywhere on So now that it’s been a few months, it’s available everywhere. But this dress happens to be the cheapest and cutest form of butterfly print I could find.
Food prints. Either you were perplexed or mesmerized by Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2012 collection. Personally, I loved the vegetable prints. Juxtaposed with the modest hemlines, it was like the attire of the women in Mad Men but with a little modernity. I found two similar skirts with this banana print but unfortunately the vegetable print hasn’t caught on with regular stores. The top is the cheaper option from for about $32 and the bottom, from, is a tad longer but also more expensive at around $62.
Probably my favorite trend lately would be the pink blazer. I’ve mentioned it a few posts ago when I saw stars donning it on the sets of shows such as 90210 and Gossip Girl. Paired with pink capri pants and a silver headband, this would be the ideal cute-sy work outfit. Since I’m just a teenager, I’d wear it to class just for fun since I like playing dress up. This blazer that’s on sale from Calvin Klein does have matching pants but there are cheaper options available. What I’m looking for in a blazer is structure. The flimsy cheap ones from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 just won’t convey the same look.

Other: I feel myself drifting towards “beach print” and cheesy 90s tops like this one. I haven’t found anything worth buying yet, but I’ll keep ya posted.

P.S. why the heck would anyone in their right mind create this “shirt”? Does it even qualify as a shirt? 

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