Denim on Denim

I never thought I’d do the whole denim on denim thing or wear a bindi with “Western” clothing. But hey, don’t knock it till ya try it, right? I liked this little experiment but I did feel grungier than usual. I wore this to the mall in Roseville today (which is amazing, by the way!) and got a few compliments and a few glares from old ladies. I guess the bindi is a little too out there for some. 
New glitter jelly shoes from Top Shop! The sizing is really weird. I usually get a 9 so I decided to size up and get the 9.5 but I probably should’ve gone with the 8.5. These shoes are really cute but definitely not good for walking because your feet get all sweaty and blistery and yeah, I won’t go into further detail…
tops, urban outfitters; skirt, american apparel; necklace, h&m; shoes, top shop
I styled my sister today! It was my way of proving to her that I can be “classy” and “refined”. I obviously know how to dress that way, B.P./Nordstrom/H&M-esque, but I choose not to. It’s slightly boring to me. Why wear what you know when you can take risks?
The thinnest part of a woman’s body is the upper midriff. I decided to accentuate that with the tight crop top and high waisted skirt. The red lip to keep things interesting and gold jewelry to match the gold hardware on her purse. 
FYI: taupe and beige are my favorite colors for bags as of late. 
top, american apparel; skirt, f21; necklace, h&m; purse, chanel

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12 thoughts on “Denim on Denim

  1. I LOVE YOUR FRICKIN SHOES LOL! I seen them on the topshop website but I really fancy the pink ones 🙂 btw your sis is gorg 🙂

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