Fifty Shades of White

See what I did there with the title? Heheh. As a contrast to the crazy things I usually wear, I wanted to tone it down today. Both the top and the bottom are from Pins and Needles at Urban. I bought them both for $9.99 each but I found out later that the cami is $4.99 online. Urban has had some great pieces lately. Anywho, there were a ton of sales yesterday (Verameat, The Pokey Hat, Solestruck, and Motel Rocks) because apparently it was “national splurge day” which is something I’ve never even heard of…but hey, I’m not complaining! 
I always feel the need to pair leopard with red so I went for this deep red lip. I used a lip stain by Smashbox in the color “sangria”. The stain itself is super drying and I was hoping it was more of a light tint but with the tinted lip balm, it’s actually a really nice lip color. Oh and my hair’s tucked into my blazer ’cause I’m super trendy and runway aware like that. 
I picked up a few make up things while in Roseville the other day. I have Lime Crime’s “Cosmopop” but I’m not a fan of how it looks on my skin tone so I got this deeper tangerine shade by MAC called “Morange”. I also picked up another Hourglass liquid liner. I’ve tried so many liquid liners and this is definitely my favorite. It’s hard to use at first because it has such a fine tip but with practice it’s definitely worth it. The Bobbi Brown didn’t last me very long along with the Urban Decay and Kat Von D liquid liners. I like how this one has more of a matte finish and doesn’t flake. Lastly, I got MAC’s lip conditioner. I usually use Vaseline lip therapy but with lipsticks and stains, this Shea butter product is definitely a better choice. 

top, skirt, urban outfitters; blazer, lf store; shoes, zara/diy; watch, michael kors

P.S. I’m incredibly excited to get my hair done at the Butterfly Studio in NYC next month, I’m thinking about going a tad shorter.

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Sonum Kahlon

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10 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of White

  1. Love your make-up! Great outfit too. Thanks for your comment on my 'Summer time at your finger tips!' post. I'm launching a range of press on nails soon, so please check back 🙂
    Danielle x

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