I GOT A PS1 AHHHHH!!! My 18th birthday is coming up, and Ive been wanting a PS1 for ages, so this was an early birthday present from my mom! I really love taupe handbags right now and this is large enough to fit everything I need for school… (which might change because I dont have to stuff an apple and cottage cheese in there like I did for those long days in high school)
<img alt="
I love this skirt so much (Ive worn it on the blog twice now) but if youre thinking about buying it, Id recommend getting the black. It’s dry clean only and unfortunately I got some food on it and decided itd be a good idea to wash it…oops. Ill send it off to the dry cleaners and hopefully they can take care of it. 
My mom on this skirt: *concerned look* “Sonum make sure you don’t get caught on anything and hurt yourself!” Hahah…she cracks me up.
I’ve worn this lipstick in the past two blog posts–LOVE IT. It’s MAC’s “Chatterbox”. It’s not too light and definitely not magenta so it goes well with my skin tone making it my favorite pink shade (and it’s perfect for summer).
This top is from Nikki Lipstick (yay for independent designers!). I really love how punk and cute (mixing hard and soft people!) it is but it definitely turned some heads today and middle aged women stared at the shirt in awe (the bad kind). But hey, Im a fashion blogger not a people pleaser. 
Extra Large “nude” PS1 aka THE LOVE OF MY LIFE:
Clear glitter nail polish on top of my natural nail. Everyones obsessed with nail art…so why not do the minimalist thing and keep your nails nearly bare?
Side note: trying to grow out my nails so I can try a cool nail deco place in NYC with *hopefully* my natural nails in an almond shape. 

top-Nikki Lipstick
sunglasses-American Apparel
shoes-Marc Jacobs
bag-Proenza Schouler 
watch-Michael Kors
mid knuckle ring-Mr. Kate
hug ring-Verameat
spike bracelet-eBay
nose ring-Claire’s
bindi-Indian store

& I’ve been asked to also list the make up products I’m wearing:
Lipstick-MAC “Chatterbox”
Foundation-Benefit Oxygen Wow (works wonders for your skin!)
Powder-MAC Studio Fix 
Liquid Eyeliner-Hourglass
Brown Eyeliner Pencil (waterline)-MAC “Teddy”
Eyeshadows-MAC “Wedge” “Brun” 
Blush-MAC “Gentle” 
Bronzer-Benefit Hoola

P.S. Wasn’t the lighting lovely in these photos? Took these at around 10:30 this morning. 

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Sonum Kahlon

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9 thoughts on “Barbie

  1. Im so glad I found your blog! I've been trying to decide whether or not to buy this skirt! But I really wanted to see some pics of people wearing it first- I think you have convinced me to buy it! I really wanna wear it with my new Mermaid Hellbounds! Thankyou pretty 🙂 xx

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